Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Android Apps to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

We live constantly exposed to sources of intense light; the computer, the mobile, the games and the television exhaust to our eyes, reverberating remarkably in our vision. If you have begun to notice the effects, which include headaches, here we present 4 applications to improve the vision that will help you with your discomfort.

The following Android applications to improve vision can be found in the Google Play store. They are free versions, accessible to anyone and easy to use. Of course, none of them replace the care of a professional doctor; They are just to take care and exercise your eyes. Always go to your doctor .

These apps for Android range from simple filters to give advice on how to take care of our eyes and what we should eat to improve vision.

EasyEyes: applications to improve vision

This application, once installed, will put a filter on our phones to reduce the light intensity of these. To activate it you just have to enter the app and touch the drawing of an eye that appears . By doing so the eye will open and the filter that will protect your eyes will automatically activate. This is how EasyEyes works .

The intensity of the filter can be configured from the Configuration option , which is among the options that appear in the sliding panel that appears on the left of the screen. With a simple pass you can increase the level of the filter , adapting it to your daily needs.

EasyEyes allows you to program your intensity according to the schedule. You can program it to lower the filter during the day and increase it at night. Precisely, using the mobile phone at night is what causes the most damage in our eyes. We recommend that you activate this application.

Eye Care Plus: Android apps to improve vision

The second on our list of applications to improve vision will entertain you while you exercise your eyes. Eye Care Plus is an app that contains several exercises and tips to take care of our eye health. It is one of the most recommended by the eye doctors, because the tests they contain help detect early vision problems.

Eye Car Plus is quite complete and fulfills what it promises, take care of our eyes. Its handling is quite friendly; a child could use it without any inconvenience. In fact, it contains a section of Games for the little ones to play. This has the purpose that the exams are not tedious and can do them more regularly.

This application has versions for different platforms. Yes, you can also have it on your PC to be able to use it while charging your mobile.

HelpEyes: apps to improve vision

Imagine you need to wear reading glasses and you lose them on the way to the restaurant. How will you read the menu card? Some sites usually offer courtesy lenses for their customers to get out of trouble. However, it is usually quite embarrassing to request them. HelpEyes is the application you need to get out of trouble.

The third of our list of applications to improve vision is about “virtual lenses.” Once installed, you can choose between several models of lenses that HelpEyes present for free. When you have selected the model all you have to do is adjust the level of vision and go.

Help Eyes works like a magnifying glass. Just pass the mobile on what you want to read and you can do it clearly, without forcing your eyes.

Light Blue Filter: to improve vision

Finally we will talk about Blue Light Filter , the favorite of many among the applications to improve vision. In Google Play has more than 340 thousand downloads and thousands of positive comments. What makes it so special? Well it is a filter for the mobile quite easy to use.

Like the first app in this list, Blue Light Filter will put a dark filter to reduce the light level. You can choose between seven colors of filters, which can be modified in intensity. The darker the tonality, the higher the level of relaxation that our eyes will have.

This app also has a premium option (payment), which allows you to program the filters so that they adapt to our daily needs. Another benefit will be to allow us to activate / deactivate the application from the home screen of our mobile, and other functions.

So far our list of recommendations for applications to improve vision. No need to download the four, with which you use the first two is more than enough to take care of your eyes.