Android CardioTrainer, train with your cellphone

Android CardioTrainer, train with your cellphone

This Android application is based on initial anatomical data such as weight and height, and monitors weight loss. Logs all activity to do, counting the calories burned and letting you know how close you are to the goal.


In addition CardioTrainer phone incorporates GPS to show on a map the route that we do in each session, keeping track of this too. Indicates the speed achieved, distance traveled, time events and accidents of the ground, always trying to overcome our own brands to train with the cell.


Android CardioTrainer, train with your cellphone


In this sense, you can share the results on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to discuss with friends.


The thorough analysis that makes your journey allows you to choose the best routes for each activity during training also allows you to listen your favorite music and gives us different statistics with voice messages.


For persons who need to check your heart function more efficiently, the application can connect to a heart rate monitor to measure the parameters of the heart.


If you’re of those who need encouragement and motivation not to leave the training, you CardioTrainer provides a tool called “Users of Calories” and notifies you of the calories burned in the last week. With a set of colors, you’ll know if your effort was fair, good, very good or excellent.


Registration in the medium and long term of your activities is another way to encourage continuity, and allows you to see graphically the progress made in training, as long as they try to go a little further in each session of exercise.


In these days of December, when the blame for the food and drink of the various celebrations we are concerned, is a good time to start CardioTrainer because you only have to download it to your phone.


Also, if you go on vacation in the months ahead, you can continue training and take advantage to do so on the grounds of the sea or mountains.


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