Motiongraph is an application created by Sony exclusively for terminals with Android operating system

Make animated photos in Android phones with Motiongraph

The GIFs images were a revolution in Internet and that is, in the beginning, with more narrow bandwidth that was unthinkable share videos. Thus was created the GIF, which are not more than several overlapping images simulating animation. Although technology has changed a lot in 25 years, many people still use these images to decorate web pages or share them via messages. The Japanese company Sony also wanted to make his own contribution to the history of the moving image with the application Motiongraph.

Motiongraph is an application created by Sony exclusively for terminals with Android operating system

It is a curious tool that circles the concept of GIF. With it you can make a static picture in turn offering some sort of animation. This means that while a portion remains unchanged, another show movement like a video in question. One effect of the most striking and surprising and you can easily make with this application. Furthermore, once created can share it to surprise friends and family.

Just start the application, the first thing you have to do is click the button Create and capture a moment. The trick Motiongraph is actually what you do is record a video. In this way you will have a full animation and real to be superimposed on a static frame or image to create this effect. So, once you have finished recording what you want, selected static image and can mark which part of the image will have the movement or continues playback of recorded video.

Motiongraph has a good list of options and possibilities for the result to be as professional as possible. Thus, you can shorten the duration of the animation a few frames, perform a white balance to assign the correct tones to objects, set a speed animation, control focus and other details such as stability control to avoid the effect tremor. This got a still image with moving areas to finally share through this same application, mimicking the operation of Instagram, allows you to see and discover the compositions of other users. Although not the only option, since you have the ability to publish your creations in your own social network, Facebook wall or on Twitter.

In short, an application rather surprising for creating eye-catching content in just a few easy steps. It is advisable not capture animated actions require framing change for the result to be more special. The only negative is that Motiongraph is in English and is a paid app, but not an excessive cost. You can purchase and download from Google Play for a price of 0.93 euros. This is an application created by Sony exclusively for terminals with Android operating system.


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