The free app Chromotherapy to relax and immerse yourself in the natural world

Anti Stress Relax to relax with your smartphone

Are you looking for a practical and simple way to relax, but you do not want to put you to find the right solution for you? You need to make the effort to only download from Google Play Store the new app Chromotherapy Anti Stress Relax and you can really start to get comfortable.

As you can easily guess from the name of the app, your smartphone will be enough to relax thanks to the color therapy.

Relax in your home? Use your smartphone and let yourself be lulled by Chromotherapy

The app Colour Therapy Anti Stress Relax, in fact, is a real guide to the colors, but can also rely on a number of songs that are ideal for relaxation, a bit along the lines of music that are within the wellness centers.

Obviously you must not expect to follow a therapy exactly like the one that takes place in a spa: remember that you are still using your smartphone or tablet, but with each you will have an excellent guide to understand how to relax.

The free app Chromotherapy to relax and immerse yourself in the natural world

The songs need to be downloaded immediately after it has been brought to the end of the installation process: it is without a doubt an improved detail, which can often lead to do a little too much confusion. In addition, the timeout shutdown screen turns off after installing the app, so you need to re-set it.

All those who have the need to find some time to relax during their days, or fall asleep lulled by the soothing notes of a piece of music inspired by the world of nature: Color Therapy Anti Stress Relax is a good application for all those users who are looking for an alternative method for stress.