There are mistakes that besides being not as serious as you may think, can also be corrected, so you can always improve

The app aborted abruptly: how to fix the error on Android

The app has blocked on Android is a very common problem that causes apps to stop. Thanks to simple steps, it is possible to solve this error.

Often you make the mistake of thinking that smartphones, like any other technology object, are not imperfect. In fact, although this stereotype is now widespread, with regard to the technology sector that is always thought to be impeccable, even avant-garde products can be misunderstood, sometimes even inexplicable and unexplained imperfections.

There are mistakes that besides being not as serious as you may think, can also be corrected, so you can always improve

Probably if the factories were to build each other and the production of all their products was robotically robotized by the robots themselves, then we would not find any errors in these products. In fact, human beings, even just thinking about how to design something, both at the design level and in terms of the product itself, with all its technical aspects and functionalities, contributes to the creation of the product in question. It is now known that ‘human being is not perfect, so it carries its imperfections in what it does. This phenomenon, however, must not be seen as something serious and catastrophic, because mistake does not always mean mistakes, but also leave the mark, detailing something, in a sense personalizing what is said and doing in a positive way.

Among the errors that can be detected, for example on smartphones, tablets, etc., the abnormal shutdown of applications is very common , which suddenly quit and stop working for no reason. Often the word crush is used to indicate this malfunction. This problem is so widespread that there are so many ways to solve it in a short time and in a few simple steps. For example, if you own an Android , there are many ways you can implement it to remedy the problem.

First of all, you must clear the cache data of the application that is not working. Cache is temporary data that could make the app faster because unused data are stored in a temporary memory, and is only used when needed. Deleting caches will delete the latest app modifications that may have caused abnormal interruption. To clear caches, you have to go to your device settings and click on Apps then click on My Apps and My Games and select the app that interests us. Next, you have to click on memory and then delete cache. There are also useful applications to clear the cache without the need to open the settings panel.

Then, if this method turns out to be ineffective, you might see if there are any upgrades to make. In fact, sometimes certain applications if not up-to-date do not work properly, because the upgrade might have been done to solve the problems that cause the application to stop suddenly. To see if there are any upgrades available, you need to go to the Play Store section in my apps and games section and click on updates. At this point, you can click update all, and you will make any updates that are available at that time, or you can select update only for the app we are interested in.

Even if this method does not work, you can delete the app and then install it again. You can do this by going to the Play Store, in the section where there are all our apps on your device (“My Apps and My Games”), select the app that interests us and click on uninstall. After waiting for the time to complete the uninstallation, you can proceed again with the installation.

If even this procedure does not give you the expected results, you might turn off your device for a few minutes after deleting the Google Play Store history . To clear your Google Play Store history, go to your settings, click on the Applications section and select the Google Play Store, then click “clear cache”.

Usually, at least one of the methods just listed should work, if the problem that causes the app to stop abruptly is a mild and easy-to-solve problem. However, it may happen that the seemingly simple problem of an application that does not work properly suddenly turns off, is actually a much more radical and rooted problem. In this case you may need to restore factory data . To perform this restore, go to Settings in the Backup and Restore section and click Restore factory data.

With this operation, easy to accomplish in a few steps, it really goes far beyond the simple solution of what seems a mild application problem of our interest. In fact, with this step much more extreme than all the others just listed, all the data on the device will be deleted. This implies a phone that returns as new, so as it was originally, but also implies a loss of all our data, whatever they are. For this reason, we recommend that you be careful when proceeding with recovery, that is to say, make sure that you have first backed up your data. This way our data will be saved and will be able to retrieve it later.