iOS 6.1 for iPhone 5 could arrive in January

The last official update that launched Apple for their mobile devices has been known as iOS 6.0.2. However, after several beta-test versions of the next major version of iOS 6.1, it is expected to be officially launched over next January. However, before it, the Cupertino should launch what is known as version Gold Master (GM).

The last update was focused only teams like the iPhone 5 or iPad mini

The last update was focused only teams like the iPhone 5 or iPad mini, was that WiFi connections were more regular and not disconnected, so often, the access point. However, since complaints are enough to say that the battery consumption on both devices is greater than previous. To give an example: it has managed to consume 60 percent of energy in three hours.

Therefore, it is expected that this device is running against time to launch appropriate improvements. The latest beta released to developers indicated that its expiration date would end of next January. Still, according to the website GottaBeMobile, one of the hackers of the jailbreak for iOS, has stated in his Twitter account Gold Master should be launched before January 31 to the market the version, indicating a version already finished finalize all faults and that, if nothing changes at the last minute, it will be a version identical to what is released days later to the public.

So if the Gold Master version appeared in the first days of next month, the official version should not go more than two weeks later. Among the improvements expected in the update could comment that Apple had been working to improve its Maps feature, but after the arrival of Google Maps in the App Store, or Nokia HERE – perhaps this matter has been in the background.

Another improvement expected is a new job that will play Siri, the virtual assistant of advanced mobile Apple. And is that Siri can buy movie tickets, in addition, improvements are expected in the music player including the bitten apple.

The same hacker who commented on Twitter that the final version of the new mobile platform for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad could be ready in January, also said that this version would be even harder to find vulnerabilities that favors access to thousands of applications through Cydia.