Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google

Best Android Apps to Manage Blogs in WordPress

There are many Android applications available that can help bloggers, WordPress developers and administrators to be productive when they are on the move. Apart from the obvious applications that everyone uses, or at least think about when you mention Android applications, there are many that would help developers to be more productive that are not so well known.

Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google

This article gives a look at the applications you probably do not use. These applications are designed to make your life easier when it comes to improving your website. They include social networking, posting articles, managing pictures, recording notes, administration and more. I was also surprised to see that some of the most popular desktop applications are not used so much on Android.


Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and App.net. Schedule your content to be published at optimum times. You can create a content queue and Buffer will post it for you. You can also view analytics from the application that include statistics from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Buffer application also works with news reader applications such as Flipboard, Zite, Taptu, TweetDeck, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Pulse, Feedly, UberSocial, Plume, Seesmic, Google Currents and more, making it a handy application for all Android users.


Simplenote is from Automattic – the creators of WordPress. This free app provides an easy way to keep notes, create lists and more. You can sync with all your devices. The goal is speed and efficiency. You can search your notes and organize them with tags and bed bugs. This is an excellent tool to keep your thoughts and ideas organized, for example for blog posts, surveys, etc.


Instapaper is an easy way to store articles for reading. This is a great way to read articles while offline. Format the article so you can read without distractions, providing a clean reading environment. You can sort your unread articles by date, popularity, duration, and even shuffle them. You can download 500 articles on your Android device and organize them into folders if you wish. Even more impressive, you can store unlimited items on your website. Includes dictionary and Wikipedia searches and allows you to preview each article.

Easy WordPress and Blogger

This free application is designed to provide you with a simplified interface for composing articles. Facilitate common tasks. It has drag and drop, create appointment blocks and lists, import quick images from your phone, supports tags and also several blogs. It is not a complete site management tool, it greatly simplifies the publishing process for those occasions when you need to perform an update from your phone.

MailChimp for Android

The MailChimp platform is very popular for desktops, but the application is not used as much as it should. This free application allows you to create emails, manage your lists and subscribers and view your reports as you would on your desktop. You can filter by group, find subscribers near your current location, find out who’s involved with your campaign, and more.

Social Office Suite

This application was designed for business owners and administrators with the goal of building their brand. It provides an easy way to build an online community. This is one of those tools designed to make your business management more efficient. It is scalable so your team can use it no matter how much your business grows and your social environment. Provides metrics, collaboration, and effectiveness in publishing and public feedback. Not bad for a free application. Additionally, to get a more detailed report of your website we recommend Google tools .

Summarizing the best applications

Blogging from a phone or a tablet is not usually the first choice, however, there are times when something has to be posted as soon as possible. There are also times when you have a free time you want to use that time to maintain your site, make updates, eliminate spam comments, post something on social networks or otherwise be productive. Of course, these applications also run on Chromebooks, so they are not only useful for when you are on the move. But they will help you to be more productive with your WordPress site directly or indirectly, saving time and improving your efficiency.