Badge and widget to promote business profiles in Google Plus

A couple of days ago Google + opened its doors to companies, allowing them to create special profiles to keep in touch with other users. But this is not the only interesting addition to the social network which has developed in Mountain View; hours ago it began operating Badges, a new promotion option for profiles.
Badge and widget to promote business profiles in Google Plus
This new tool serves a purpose very similar to the social plugin in Facebook or the button “Follow” on Twitter: business users to place the plaque on your website so that Internet users recorded in G + to add it to their circles and receive all news published on the platform.
Note that Google + Badges also include the +1 button, allowing users to share publicly given site. The truth is quite complete and necessary alternative to the growth of the social network. May not offer the same choice that Facebook offers the hand of Open Graph, but it does work correctly.
Another point to note is that the implementation of Badges will be a mandatory requirement for companies who wish to enjoy Google Direct Connect, an option that will allow Internet users to directly enter the profile of a business on Google + to write their name by putting the operator “+ “in the Google search box.
It remains to be seen whether these changes collaborate to Google + begin to seriously compete with Facebook in the business. Mountain View firm still has work to do to improve their social network but what we’ve seen so far indicates that is clearly on the right track.