Bag Charger For Smartphone

You travel often? If you need to bring along not only smartphones but also the charger, then the product we want to talk today will attract your attention, this is the bag Charger for smartphones.

The bag is not only elegant but also very different from the classic bags as it boasts an integrated charger with microUSB connector and connector for Apple devices. Unfortunately, the battery life of a smartphone in continuous use no more than a day sometimes two, for this reason often is forced to reload.

With this fantastic bag can charge your device at any time and wherever you are.

We see all the product features:

  • Bag with zipper and charger included
    The interior of the bag is a stylish red
    One large compartment with two card slots and a compartment with zipper
    Separate bag with zipper removable battery
    Practical and spacious
    Battery 2600 mAh lithium-ion Samsung present inside
    Included Micro USB cable for charging the smartphone
    Made of PU leather to prevent the colors fade
    Dimensions of 23 x 14.5 cm, 15 x 6cm lot battery, cable opening 1.5 cm in diameter, battery 10 x 3cm
    Weight: about 190g
    The product is sold on Troppotogo , and is available at a cost of € 34 just unbelievable! A cost justified considering that this is not just a bag but inside lies a charger!