The Root also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need

Benefits Of Rooting An Android Device

Benefits of Rooting an Android device, because users must run the root on their phones? We will look at some of the benefits of the Root to a phone or Android tablet. It is not that you have to give up the warranty, but surely there are many advantages.

The Root also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need
Let’s take a quick look at some benefits that you will get from the root to your device, usually it comes to system changes that improve performance by far, because Android devices have those annoying lag that can only be eliminated by installing the mod.

If your Android is not rooted, you will not be able to install custom ROMs. The installation of a custom rom not only improves and optimizes the Android system, but can also give a new user interface and come with amazing features that Sometimes they can be very useful improvements for your Android device.

The device becomes much faster, stable and gets a major performance boost. Most of these optimizations and functionality can not normally be installed on an Android since it is not allowed to modify system files.

Just like a PC, once you have rooted the phone, you can overclock the CPU – it means that you can increase the processing power of the CPU to a certain extent . This will give you a smoother Android experience if you see a lot of lag while using applications, then this might help to remove them. This may seem very tempting and easy to do, but instead is very risky because you can fry the motherboard phone or GPU .

It is advisable not overclock too . For example, if you have an Android with a 800MHz CPU, you should only overclock to about 900MHz. Or, if you have a dual-core CPU / quad-core, you should not overclock over 300MHz.

When there is little space on the internal memory , you can move almost any application on your SD card. This frees the memory for the use of the system and makes the internal memory clean and tidy – and also allows you to install many more applications in your mobile phone!

The Rooting also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need. This will help you to have features created by developers for your phone and also give you the ability to change themselves. Short on space? You can delete unnecessary system applications and collect a bit of usable space. It might be helpful for Android phones that do not have a lot of internal memory.

Nandroid backup requires you to have a custom recovery (preferably: ClockworkMod Recovery). No need to use a computer for Android applications for backup, contacts and other personal data. When you have permissions Root, you have the ability to install a custom recovery on your phone.

Tale recovery allows you to install custom firmware , and most importantly, you can save the current state of your Android phone or tablet using the backup option (Nandroid).

Will you be able to save everything, you can easily restore the system whenever you want , simply and easily. This is what we always recommend that you do before groped a new installation of a custom ROM or a tweak of the system risky.

If you use a lot of applications in a day, probably the intended victim is the battery because of all the applications that are run nowadays RAM for quite a long time, even if you have closed. You need an advanced task manager. The aim is to close applications that are running in the background on your device and consume a lot of battery. After rotated your phone, you can find various free and advanced task manager that periodically clean the RAM and help you save battery .

I hope to be useful by describing whether it is worth it or not have permission to Root on your Android device.