Virtual Assistants are Siri and Google Now

Bing will become a virtual assistant

The most world famous Virtual Assistants are Siri and Google Now, used by millions of users around the world. Given that Microsoft has no intention of staying on the sidelines, it is seriously considering the possibility of making a virtual assistant for all.

For the uninitiated remember that Bing has recently been updated in a special Butler suggests that online users with all the correct information during the research stages. The future that lies ahead for Bing seems to be really practical and interesting, as the popular search engine could become in effect a virtual assistant.

This is confirmed officially by the Director of Bing, Stefan Weitz, who promptly declared that Microsoft does not develop stand alone applications for various platforms but will continue to release answers with Facebook, Yahoo and Linkedin.

Virtual Assistants are Siri and Google Now

The technology on which the service is Satori and thanks to it that Bing has a great catalog of information from all over the world. In this way, users will be able to receive assistance upon request and always have a virtual assistant.

Obviously Please note that all information is kept hidden until it is typed in a specific keyword. Bing seen from this point of view, does nothing but offer advantages on competition, i.e. the amplitude of the data and a passive approach.

By the time the first service implementations are visible in Local Scout functionality of Windows Phone, what do you think?

The solution is really interesting and will appeal to everyone?