Research in Motion (RIM) will launch BlackBerry 10

Blackberry 10 will charge for premium services

Users of a smartphone with the new RIM BlackBerry OS 10 need not pay more extra charges for using the BlackBerry services – at least some of them. RIM will continue to offer some optional premium features at an additional cost. This was announced by company chief Thorsten Heins when he announced the latest quarterly figures.

Research in Motion (RIM) will launch BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion (RIM) will launch BlackBerry 10 with a new pricing model for some premium service features early next year. According to the CEO Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry 10 only to those customers who pay extra fees to put the emphasis on improved security and device management features and add appropriate book. Many small businesses, for example, wanted to use only the e-mail service from Blackberry, but not other services. In the future, companies could also book if necessary, individual chargeable additional features or select the same Platinum Package with all BlackBerry services. Some home users would pay for the use of BlackBerry 10 services nothing at all.

Closer to the manufacturer goes so far fails to address the future tariffs. “This is the current state of affairs”, Thorsten Heins has announced. “For detailed tariff structures, we can currently make no statements,” RIM spokesman Carsten Titt declared on demand from Area Mobile. May still be a special BlackBerry tariff option will be necessary to use all BlackBerry 10 services on the smartphone, but these have been included in certain smartphone tariffs of mobile operators.

There would be no BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for home at Blackberry 10 and that the previously transacted through BIS services will run over the open Internet. Of the current BlackBerry platform remain features as push technology, the security architecture of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES, future: BES 10) exist, however, is all dressed up in new clothes. So far, the BlackBerry services make revenues for about one third of RIM’s business.