Why you should buy Apple iPhone SE?

Why buy Apple iPhone SE, the latest from Apple. In a few weeks it will become the predecessor of the new iPhone 7 already in market. The iPhone SE is a concentrate of all the best Apple technologies, but packed into a smaller phone. To please those who complained of recent era devices. You do not know whether to buy it or not. Ok then I’ll show you some good reason of why buy Apple iPhone SEWhy to buy Apple iPhone SE

  1. Why buy Apple iPhone SE
  2. It ‘a lightweight device, weighing just 113g
  3. It has a large 64GB of storage space
  4. An improved quality of video recording 2,160 x 30fps
  5. It features NFC
  6. It is equipped with dual LED flash
  7. Has a very fast WiFi 802.11ac connection
  8. Has newer Bluetooth Version 4.2
  9. It has a continuous autofocus during video recording when recording motion images remain in focus and sharp.
  10. It has a light to the video light for video is a help when you record a movie and we are in a low light situation like a party.
  11. Manual Installation
  12. It features serial shot mode, you can take multiple pictures in rapid succession.
  13. Autofocus pictures faster thanks to the discovery phase during shooting phase detection autofocus is much faster than an automatic detection of contrast and allows sharper images.
  14. It has the iso manual
  15. Has AirPlay allows wireless connection to Apple devices with external screens or speakers. You can run the computer display streaming video and music from iOS devices, play games like console or show your presentations easily on your TV.
  16. Has a barometer, can predict climate change, such as a sudden drop in air pressure may mean that a storm is coming. When properly calibrated it can also be used to determine the altitude – which can be useful if we have GPS available.
  17. Plays Adobe Flash, Video and Audio in Adobe Flash are played in the phone’s browser
  18. It supports video recording in slow motion

There are 18 good reasons to buy the Apple iPhone SE. It is really a very good device, very easy to handle and comfortable to hold in your pocket. Tell us what you think. As it spins? The great? We look forward to your comments on this wonderful device.