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Specifications and features of the Apple iPhone 5, more user reviews and photos. Advanced features and ratings which comes in the box designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact. Get the best iPhone 5 Cases and look iPhone thinner and lighter than ever.

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Apple iPhone XS and XRs 64GB are on offer on Amazon

Among the Amazon offers of today there is also space for the excellent Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XR, two of the three smartphones presented by Apple last year and which, thanks to an increasingly advantageous price, continue to be excellent alternatives to the new iPhone 11 unveiled last September.

using creativity and imagination to show all the scariest fantasies, so the movie must be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter combined with hashtag

As for iPhone XS , the model on offer has 64 GB of internal storage and is offered at a price of 799 euros, almost 300 euros less than the current best price of the iPhone 11 Pro, its natural heir. To take advantage of today’s offer (the smartphone is sold and shipped from Amazon) you can take advantage of the link below:

For those who want to save a little bit, there is also the possibility of buying iPhone XR 64 GB. Today, in fact, Amazon offers Apple’s smartphone at a discounted price. The 64 GB version, in fact, can be purchased for 629 euros, around 100 euros less than the current best price of the iPhone 11, its designated heir.

To take advantage of the offer, even in this case the smartphone is “sold and sent by Amazon”, you can take advantage of the link below:

The offers on Apple iPhone XS and XS are limited-time. If you are interested in buying one of the two iPhones you will do well to hurry.

The iPhone XR 2019, the new economic smartphone from Apple, shows up in render published by the well-known

iPhone XR: unveiled the features of Apple’s new economy smartphone

Still uncertainties about the name, but the successor of the iPhone XR – the most sold smartphone in the last quarter in almost all of Europe and that, in the United States, recorded more sales than the iPhone XS and XS Max put together – after so many rumors finally it shows itself in render made.

The new economic smartphone from Apple – which many could call iPhone XE – will be available in different colors (yellow, blue, white, red) and will look a lot like its predecessor: the size of the new iPhone XR should be 150.9 x 76 , 1 x 7.8 mm, with a thickness that reaches 8.5 mm for the bumb camera and should mount a 6.1 inch LCD display with 828 x 1.792 pixel resolution .

The iPhone XR 2019, the new economic smartphone from Apple, shows up in render published by the well-known

The features of iPhone XR 2019 (or iPhone XE)

The new cheap Apple smartphone should mount the A13 Bionic chip , which according to some rumors should be produced by TSMC with a 7nm construction process.

As for the photographic compartment of the new iPhone XR, this should have two cameras , both 12 Megapixels , positioned in the bump chamber on the left. As for the lens, it is very likely that the one that has become traditional for Apple devices, or a 2X telephoto lens, is used .

The charging connector will be Lightning, but according to OnLeaks, the iPhone XR 2019 package will also include an 18W charger for quick device recharge . At the moment, the only Apple 18W charger is with USB-C output, so it is very likely that the cable will be just a USB-C Lightning.

An iPhone 8 concept completely inspired by the Galaxy S8

iPhone 8: Apple copies everything from Samsung

The iPhone 8 Edition shows up in the new designer concept that draws heavily on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8. So we discover what the iPhone 8 would look like if Apple copied everything on Samsung. The war between the two brands is endless and both manufacturers are going to compete this year with the tough competition with the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8.

An iPhone 8 concept completely inspired by the Galaxy S8
An Indian designer named Tejas Pawer imagined what could be the next Apple smartphone by creating an iPhone 8 concept. This one is totally inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S8 announced competitor of the next Apple smartphone.
This concept is in breach with the latest rumors concerning the iPhone 8 with in particular an OLED screen with curved edges just like on the Galaxy S8. The Home button disappears in favor of keys directly integrated under the huge screen, accompanied by an improved TouchID fingerprint sensor which would also be integrated under the screen.

The smartphone’s photo sensors are also upgraded, with a 16 megapixel camera at the rear and 12 megapixels at the front for selfies. An x4 optical zoom, an x20 digital zoom and an optical stabilizer. In this concept the iPhone 8 Edition is also certified to the IP68 standard all as the Galaxy S8, allowing it to withstand water and dust. There is also a wireless charging technology.

So in light of the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 Edition that would come to celebrate the ten years of the iPhone might very well look like this concept. Apple fans should be pleased with the appearance of a screen with curved edges, at the risk that users of the Galaxy S8 will shout at plagiarism.

The iPhone 8 Edition is expected to be announced in September as Apple has a habit of doing so in a highly publicized conference. Nevertheless, after production delays , it could be released only two or three months later, namely in October or November 2017.

BlurTouchClean removes the blurred background by activating the 3D Touch in the app icons

BlurTouchClean removes the blurred background in iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and 7

All users with an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus have natively the 3D Touch technology, a technology that according to the pressure level allows us to obtain additional information. This technology has become very useful in day to day as it saves us several pulsations and many are users who can no longer live without it. Each time we click on the icon of an application, the 3D Touch function shows us different shortcuts to the application, shortcuts previously adapted by the developer. When these shortcuts appear, the background of the screen is blurred leaving the menu information only in view.

BlurTouchClean removes the blurred background by activating the 3D Touch in the app icons

Some users may not like this blurred background, which fortunately we can eliminate thanks to the jailbreak . The BlurTouchClean tweak allows us to remove the blurred background that is displayed each time we access the application shortcuts. This tweak only affects the design, at no time affects the performance of our device and is ideal for all those users who want to eliminate those blends that iOS presents us in some sections of the operating system.

As we can see in the image at the top of this article, we will show the shortcuts of each application right above the rest of the applications, without any blur , thus reducing the use of our GPU device and in theory, increasing performance Of it and increasing the battery life.

This tweak also supports devices that do not offer this feature natively as it works seamlessly with those tweaks that emulate the shortcuts, so we can also make use of this tweak on the iPhone 6/6 Plus and Above. This tweak has no configuration options and is available for download free of charge through the BigBoos repo.

When the MMS type message reaches the 'victim' device, nothing happens if it is not executed

A simple MMS can kill your iPhone (MMS Virus)

Certain applications are designed to manage a limited amount of data and, beyond this limitation it causes a lock. That’s what happens according to a new fault detected in the iOS Messages application, and it happened months ago, although not with an SMS but with an MMS. Regarding what happened earlier, there are certain problems that are repeated, and this time for the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 10.2.1 , and all previous versions from iOS 8.

When the MMS type message reaches the 'victim' device, nothing happens if it is not executed

Once again they have detected another problem for iOS messages, MMS Virus, causing ‘permanent’ blockage of the iPhone. And we put ‘permanent’ in quotes because there is a solution, but it is not following the normal procedure of using the terminal, but through iOS. Anyway, the problem in question has to do with MMS format vCard of 14,281 lines of code, compared to the 200-300 which are common in this file format used, for example, for managing phonebook contacts Phone. This ‘information overload’ is causing messages to crash and, as a result, the entire operating system to crash without allowing interaction by the user.
When the MMS type message reaches the ‘victim’ device, nothing happens if it is not executed, since the information it contains is not processed. The problem is, as you can see in the video, when we open the message and the system tries to interpret the data. It is at this time when the iPhone is completely blocked and, indeed, can settings reset using physical buttons as if we were to reset using iTunes. However, the problem that Apple has kept its operating system is that messages runs as a priority in the system and trying to load the latest message has been received, so that the system enters loop and a restart not It solves it.

The solution exists, although it is not official by Apple that will have to apply a patch for future upgrades, and passes ask Siri, through a voice command, which sent a message to the recipient that sent ‘SMS lock’ . That person preferably, because this way messages SMS will load that when you start , and will not cause lock loop. It is a problem similar to that already affected iOS before, and as we said was solved with a simple update of the system. And although it is not serious, because it does not cause any loss of information or anything like that , if you do not know how to escape it obviously is a major setback, because the mobile is completely blocked .

Why you should buy Apple iPhone SE?

Why buy Apple iPhone SE, the latest from Apple. In a few weeks it will become the predecessor of the new iPhone 7 already in market. The iPhone SE is a concentrate of all the best Apple technologies, but packed into a smaller phone. To please those who complained of recent era devices. You do not know whether to buy it or not. Ok then I’ll show you some good reason of why buy Apple iPhone SEWhy to buy Apple iPhone SE

  1. Why buy Apple iPhone SE
  2. It ‘a lightweight device, weighing just 113g
  3. It has a large 64GB of storage space
  4. An improved quality of video recording 2,160 x 30fps
  5. It features NFC
  6. It is equipped with dual LED flash
  7. Has a very fast WiFi 802.11ac connection
  8. Has newer Bluetooth Version 4.2
  9. It has a continuous autofocus during video recording when recording motion images remain in focus and sharp.
  10. It has a light to the video light for video is a help when you record a movie and we are in a low light situation like a party.
  11. Manual Installation
  12. It features serial shot mode, you can take multiple pictures in rapid succession.
  13. Autofocus pictures faster thanks to the discovery phase during shooting phase detection autofocus is much faster than an automatic detection of contrast and allows sharper images.
  14. It has the iso manual
  15. Has AirPlay allows wireless connection to Apple devices with external screens or speakers. You can run the computer display streaming video and music from iOS devices, play games like console or show your presentations easily on your TV.
  16. Has a barometer, can predict climate change, such as a sudden drop in air pressure may mean that a storm is coming. When properly calibrated it can also be used to determine the altitude – which can be useful if we have GPS available.
  17. Plays Adobe Flash, Video and Audio in Adobe Flash are played in the phone’s browser
  18. It supports video recording in slow motion

There are 18 good reasons to buy the Apple iPhone SE. It is really a very good device, very easy to handle and comfortable to hold in your pocket. Tell us what you think. As it spins? The great? We look forward to your comments on this wonderful device.

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 rumors about specific features and release date

iPhone 6s came out not too long ago, there is already talk of the iPhone 7 with rumours about the technical specifications, additional features on the Apple device and a possible release date of the Apple phone!

During this time Apple will stand certainly also reflecting, among other things, on the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Many of these devices have come rumors on the internet even before the ‘arrival on the shelves of the’ iPhone 6s, something common with what surrounding Apple. Something quite normal considering the popularity of the device. Without further ado let’s summarize the various rumors until today.

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Talking about the design of the Apple we know that the California-based company redesigns its smartphone every two years. We have seen very similar to the iPhone 6s to 5s and 6, that, too, was largely similar to 5. For this we expect a redesign of the new Apple device. We do not know how Apple will move away from the style of the iPhone 6s, but we think it will not do for the most part. Anyway these are all hypotheses that will be tested in the coming months. An innovation in design could be the use of a new aluminum alloy , much stronger than the current

New features, however, could be the possibility of having the Touch ID within the display, which is in line with a patent application that has been advanced. But we do not know if it will be used in these new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Specifications

A new features would be to impermeability of the device, on this we have a patent that could give an idea of ??this move by Apple. Some rumors also speak of the possible lack of 3.5mm to shrink further thinness of the display, also, the new smartphone Apple could have thinner bezels. Turning to hardware, we can be almost certain that Apple is working on a faster processor than the iPhone mounted on the 6s and that, most likely, will be called Apple A10 SoC. Some sources speak of the possibility of seeing TSMC as sole supplier of processors for this series of the iPhone, we have a lot of hope on this processor, which surely will not disappoint us, at least we hope.

Speaking of memory, iPhone 6s expanded and doubled GB of RAM, since this took place only this year, we doubt that we will see 7 and Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 7 Plus with 3 GB of RAM.

Let the display, the voices would like an AMOLED display on the next iPhone, but this probably will come only after 2018, or even in 2019. Well we do not know when this will happen and if it will happen, but almost certainly, at least for Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, we could see again LCD panels. Speaking of resolution, we do not think that in Cupertino we intend to change the cards on the table, leaving iPhone 7 with a display of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 750 x 1334, while iPhone 7 Plus with a display of 5.5 inches and a resolution of Full HD.

But it seems that Apple is working hard to increase the sharpness of images and battery life with the help of Synaptics, a manufacturer of video cards, drivers and tactile display, Apple supplier. 3D Touch will probably be used on these new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, also trying to strengthen it with a possibility of multi-touch 3D.

Speaking of the camera
, we do not think, again, that there will be changes, given the change occurred with the previous device. We may find, in fact, a sensor 12 Mp rear, with a 5 Mp front, which is already a big step forward compared to the 1.2 that were in the iPhone 6 and 5. Probably we will find the new features for the camera, as Apple is used to, but for hardware probably will not change much.

Some rumors speak, however, by the possibility of a dual camera, probably one to analyze the depth, and another that will act as a true sensor for shots, with the possibility of adding an adjustable focus manually .

Judging by the performance of the iPhone camera 6s, we have high hopes for the next iPhone 7. The Apple device, usually perform very well in the photos, we expect this also from the next Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

That’s all we know and need to know at the time about the new Apple device, and you? What you think and what would you change in the smartphone from Cupertino?