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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the acclaimed fast-paced action adventure game set in the Tomb Raider world is now on mobile

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light now available for all Android devices

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light is now available for all Android devices after an exclusive time for Sony Xperia 4 years duration. Lara Croft arrives on our smartphones in one of his best adventures!

After four years of exclusivity in favor of only the smartphone Sony Xperia, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, acclaimed 3D adventure game starring the famous archaeologist heroine of the series Tomb Raider , arrives on all devices Android can run it. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light requires no glaring technical specifications in order to be enjoyed to the fullest, just any average range in order to better appreciate this wonderful adventure.
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the acclaimed fast-paced action adventure game set in the Tomb Raider world is now on mobile
Lara Croft: Guardian of Light came out for the first time six years ago, in 2010 , for PC, PS3, XBOX360 and iOS later arrived on Android, in 2012, only on the device Sony Xperia exclusively. From today you can download it on all phones Android at the price of 3,99 euro , and I strongly recommend you try it. The action takes place in Central America and is focused on finding the ‘Mirror of Smoke’ for us ‘Smoking Mirror’ , an ancient artifact from the enormous power that can remove from the world all the light. If you expect exploration, puzzles and thrilling boss fights, to which we were accustomed to playing the previous games in the series Tomb Raider , you will be fully satisfied.

The game is in prospect and the change of the usual vision could only be beneficial to the now old mechanics of Tomb Raider , the care and the quality of this product has very little to envy and far more expensive games for other platforms. The 14 levels that we will face will be a more compelling the other and we are certain that you can not tear yourself away from Lara and this adventure. We leave you a video of gameplay and the badge to download it from the Google Play store, as well as dispassionate advice to give a chance to Lara Croft: Guardian of Light .

Playstation Plus: unknown securities in March

As users Playstation well know, since that day in 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment has launched the Playstation Plus, a service (initially available on Playstation 3 and PSP, then ampliatosi later also on Playstation Vita and Playstation 4) that allows, behind Registration fee (which can be with monthly, quarterly or annually, depending of course on the needs of the player), to download a list of titles that are gradually incorporated into the library, as well as having preferential access and discounts on some issues , avatar, and even games in digital delivery.
Sony Computer Entertainment has launched the Playstation Plus a service (initially available on Playstation 3 and PSP
Every month about Sony offers, just days before the following month, the list of titles that will become part of the aforementioned library. Unfortunately, this month Playstation gamers will have to wait a bit ‘longer than expected to know which new titles will be offered for the Playstation Plus . As mentioned, the titles Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 are revealed about a week before the release on Playstation Store.

Initially there were comments about it, but in recent hours Fred Dutton of Sony Computer Entertainment has apologized for the wait, saying that they are not yet able to reveal the titles that will be part of the Playstation Plus of March . There remains, therefore, have to wait a few days to become aware of these titles.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

Samsung Galaxy S4 Capable Of Becoming A Full Console Game Pad

The last presentation of Samsung not only bet on a smartphone capable of moving icons from Google very quickly, but also committed to a terminal capable of becoming a full console. And one of the accessories of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform.

It was discovered with the Game Pad from the Samsung Galaxy S4 which could accommodate up to 6.3 inches of display equipment. This caused alarm bells and put on the table the possibility of a future Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with this diagonal size. While this information is confirmed or it refutes, the first tests of this accessory have already been published.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

First, the first of the options allows to integrate in the Game Pad from Samsung Galaxy S4; thanks to a removable media from the top of the fixture. There may accommodate different Samsung smartphones to begin in four-inch screens. The connection will be through Bluetooth technology and allow the controls of the game as if it were a portable console.

Secondly, while placing in the living room, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may rest on a charging base that has a HDMI output. You can also connect to a compatible TV and share videos and photos, as it is logical to latest video games on a bigger screen. And it is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the option of doubling your screen.

After connecting the terminal to the TV, you only need to pair the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Game Pad controller via Bluetooth. The tests were conducted smoothly and fluently, by running games like Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 4 of the SEGA company, and the title Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts.

In addition, the latter has seen a good opportunity in the latest releases of the companies. And, within a month, to launch up to 26 new titles, which include the famous Sims, Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Plants vs Zombies.
Returning to the Game Pad, it will have different control buttons, two analog directional buttons, as well as different configurable buttons, depending on the customer’s application. At its launch, says Forbes, the remote control will come accompanied by eight games. And in the market, from the beginning, up to 80 titles compatible with this Samsung controller. That Yes, its price has not been published so far.

However, the Game Pad is not the only interesting accessory of the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new catalogue will also have different types of covers, which highlights the baptized as S View Cover, which will be a small window allowing you to check notifications, time or weather, without opening the cover.

Another possibility is to charge the battery of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly. And this is thanks to its base that charging by induction. Finally, the company also special emphasis on health, and Samsung will offer different solutions to practice sport and have an exhaustive control of all activity.

The T-Mobile G2x is a visually appealing option

Details tech specs of cheaper smartphone T-Mobile G2x

For users who are looking for a cheaper smartphone that offers outstanding features designed for video games and recreational applications, the T-Mobile G2x is probably the option you are looking for in today’s market of mobile phones. This smartphone supports 4G technology offers a really fast speed of the hand of a dual core processor and a screen that reflects the contents in a clear, colorful and full of life.

The T-Mobile G2x is a visually appealing option

Needless to say that this device is being conducted by a reliable Android 2.2 operating system, which includes a variety of Google applications including Gmail, Google Maps and Youtube. The T-Movile G2x is the perfect device for those thinking about a phone that not only serves to communicate, but also fulfill the role of an entertainment device when required to do so.

The images are sharp, vivid and colorful in its 4-inch touchscreen that offers a resolution of 400 x 800 pixels. This means the screen is large enough to watch movies or TV shows in comfort, play video games without losing any detail or surf the Internet easily and smoothly.

While the phone itself is a bit larger than other similar devices offered by the competition, anyway, does not feel like a brick in the pocket and is uncomfortable when holding it and use it with your hands . This smartphone is 4.88 inches tall, 2.48 inches wide and it is 0.43 inches thick. Furthermore, weighs less de150 grams, which makes it not feel heavy at all to use, and does not feel bad when transporting from one place to another. This phone is an excellent choice for modern users.

ZTE launches most advanced smartphone ZTE Grand X for video game

ZTE launches most advanced smartphone ZTE Grand X for video game

The Chinese company ZTE launches two new “smartphones”, one designed especially for intensive players, the ZTE Grand X. They also announced the signing of the terminal ZTE Grand Kis with Android operating system to a “more affordable”.

ZTE launches most advanced smartphone ZTE Grand X for video game

In July, the company announced through his account of Twitter its intention to launch one of the “smartphones” to more advanced video games. This will join the group of manufacturers decided to go for the world of video games on mobile devices.

True to his promise, ZTE launched the Grand X, a “smartphone” designed for those users video game fans. The smartphone features a processor Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core and a graphics card that can withstand without problems most powerful mobile gaming market.

The ZTE Grand X comes with IceCream Sandwich (Android 4.0) operating system and has a 4.3 inch QHD screen of 960×540 pixels for a rich multimedia and mobile experience, particularly for gaming and video applications.

Gaming Smartphone Chinese Smartphone

It also has the latest mobile communication capabilities, including HDMI connectivity for sharing video content on televisions, five megapixel camera, front camera for video calls and capture HD video and HD Voice.

Along with the Grand Z, ZTE also launched Grand Kis, a “smartphone” which the company says China offers the best value on the market.

This is a high-end device will be available for about 60 euros.

It also incorporates Android operating system and features a 3.5 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and WiFi and a 800MHz processor which allows for smooth video playback and run applications with speed.

For now these two new ZTE equipment will be released in the UK and the rest of Europe will arrive in early fall.