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Android Q OS

The new Android Q OS 10.0 will be focused on security

Android Q OS
For more than 10 years, Google has been developing and improving the Android operating system which can now be found in smartphones, tablets, smart watches, televisions and many other electronic devices.

Today in 2019, developers will launch a new version called Android 10.0 Q , which in a few months we will see the trial version. On the other hand it is expected that the final stable version will be available in August, that is, very soon. But today I leave some of the features that this will bring. +

One of the most striking features is that all Android 10.0 Q devices will prohibit third-party applications from intercepting data from the clipboard , which is a feature commonly used in malware. Because of this, attackers will not be able to steal personal data and monitor the actions of the owner of the mobile device. Access to the clipboard will only receive the applications verified and signed by a special Google special, and this function must, in fact, be actively used in them, and not just be mentioned.

All applications in the new operating system will request separate permissions for music, photos and videos, while now merging into one. This will allow owners of mobile devices based on Android 10.0 Q to better control the behavior of certain programs.

Another of the excellent features that we have to name the new Android, is that this OS will have the ability to automatically revert to an earlier version of the game or the program if the new one for some reason after the installation of the update has stopped running. In this case, all the personal data of the users will be saved.

It remains to wait for the official presentation of the new operating system of the “giant search” so you can draw final conclusions about the innovations that users expect.

The new Android Oreo is already on Pixel and Nexus, but what other devices will it receive? Here is the complete list

Android 8.0 Oreo: Here is the updated list of all devices that will receive Oreo

Day after day, the anxiety associated with the new Google OS update grows. Here is what devices will come with Android 8.0 Oreo. You can find the updated list in the article.

For some time since its official release, many are waiting for their arrival on their smartphone with tremendous anticipation. We are obviously talking about Android Oreo , the new version of the Google Operating System.

For some time now, Google has released its new update that will bring several smartphones to get the latest operating system version known as Android 8.0 Oreo.

The new Android Oreo is already on Pixel and Nexus, but what other devices will it receive? Here is the complete list

At this point many questions have been asked by the users. One on all was the following: ” Will my smartphone receive Android Oreo? “. The question is certainly right to exist since many devices with all the credentials in place have been cut off.

Therefore, we propose the updated list of devices that will surely receive Android 8.0 Oreo. Here is in alphabetical order:


ZenFone 3
ZenFone 3 Deluxe
ZenFone 3 Max
ZenFone 3 Laser
ZenFone 3 Zoom
ZenFone 4
ZenFone 4 Pro
ZenFone 4 Selfie
ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro
ZenFone 4 Max
ZenFone 4 Max Pro


BlackBerry KEYOne;


HTC U11;
HTC 10;
HTC U Ultra;


Huawei P10
Huawei P10 Plus
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei Mate 9
Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design
Huawei P8 Lite 2017


Lenovo K8
Lenovo K8 Note
Lenovo K8 Plus

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LG V20
LG V30


Moto X4
Moto G5
Moto G5 Plus
Moto G5s
Moto G5s Plus
Moto G4 Plus
Moto Z
Moto Z Droid
Moto Z Force Droid
Moto Z Play
Moto Z Play Droid
Moto Z2 Play
Moto Z2 Force Edition


Nokia 3
Nokia 5
Nokia 6
Nokia 8

OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 5


Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 +
Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy A5 2017


Sony Xperia X
Sony Xperia X Performance
Sony Xperia XZ
Sony Xperia X Compact
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
Sony Xperia XZs
Sony Xperia XA1
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Sony Xperia Touch
Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

The devices you see in the list are the 99.9% safe ones except for the sudden backwardness of the manufacturers. If you do not read some names, it does not mean that they will not be updated. Of course, to keep up-to-date, stay connected and do not miss our news about it.

In the future of Android voice assistants and artificial intelligence

Google unveils Android Oreo, the new Android operating system

After Cupcake, Gingerbread, Kit Kat (Chocolate Sticks), Marshmallow and the latest Nougat (almond), Google this time inspires the biscuit that most Americans likes, Oreo is the eighth version of the Android operating system.

Google has created a portal dedicated to the new Android Oreo, with a countdown to the keynote presentation in New York, coinciding with another great event: the solar eclipse, broadcast online with Google’s live streaming (in collaboration with The Nasa) for all those who have not been able to admire it alive. The new version of the operating system, expected worldwide by fans of the robot, will initially only be available for Google Pixel and Nexus smartphones , but in the coming days it can be downloaded from all androids devices, such as the owners of the new Nokia 8.

In the future of Android voice assistants and artificial intelligence

More intelligent, fast, and powerful, the new Google operating system features “picture-in-picture” functionality, allowing anyone who uses it to continue viewing a movie on a postage stamp screen while responding to an urgent email. But it is also characterized by higher security features: the system has built-in Google Play Protect and new features such as application-level installation controls at source, important front and center security settings, and even greater security protection Privacy and malware. And there is also Vitals, the new security system in the background against viruses, hackers and malware.

Android O can limit background application processes by increasing the battery life and will have an enhanced notification system: Android O apps will appear on the top edge of Android or the “Notification Dots”, dots reporting new messages or news, pressing Which will appear in contextual menus, to perform operations with those apps.

Android Oreo also offers a completely redesigned emoji set, notification indicators and saves battery usage when needed. Among other functions is the “Smart Text Selection” , intelligent text selection, which allows the new operating system to distinguish the type of text being copied. For example, if it is an address or a phone number, and you touch it with your finger, the system starts a phone call or opens Google Maps to give directions. This adds intelligent Autofill, which allows you to automatically compile tabs on the web, with data also remembered by apps and different sites, including passwords.

To delete all search history, follow the steps mentioned below for the 5 most popular Android web browsers

How to Delete All Browsing History Search in Android OS

We have already seen how to clear browsing history on the computer and now it’s the turn for mobile browsers to also save the pages you have visited, the words or phrases you use in the Google search engine and that anyone who has access to your phone can see exactly the history of search and navigation.

To delete all search history, follow the steps mentioned below for the 5 most popular Android web browsers

To delete all search history, follow the steps mentioned below for the 5 most popular Android web browsers, as well as the Google search application included Android or for any other application (Google Play, Youtube) almost always are the same steps.

In the Embedded Browser (Internet)

If you are using Android 4.0 or earlier, the built-in browser is called “Internet.” To clear the built-in browser’s browsing history, tap Menu and select Settings.

Under Settings, go to the privacy and security session to delete different types of browsing data: Clear History, Clear Cache, Delete History, Delete Cookies, Delete Form Data, and Delete Location Access. You can also delete passwords saved in the browser.

Google Chrome for Android

To delete private data in Chrome for Android, touch the menu button and go to Settings – Privacy.
At the end there is the option to Delete Data of Navigation – select the types of data that you want to delete: delete history, delete the cache, cookies, delete passwords, and finally click the Delete button.

Chrome Tip: Tap the menu and select New incognito tab. In incognito mode, Chrome will not remember anything about the pages you’ve visited.

Android Dolphin Browser

To clear your Dolphin browsing history, tap the Menu button, select Settings – tap Privacy & Personal Data – Clear Data to clear browsing history, cache, cookies, and other data.

Select Clear History and press Exit to close Dolphin and clear your browsing history.

Firefox for Android

In Firefox for Android, touch the menu button and select Settings to access the privacy and security options. Under Erase Data, select the data types you want to erase and press the Erase button.

Opera Mobile – Android

Press the O-shaped menu button at the top of the Opera browser, tap Settings – Privacy. Use the different options to clear browsing history, cache, shared places, camera permissions and passwords.

Google Search Widget

The device remembers a list of Google searches. The searches you perform on your browser do not appear here, but do searches that are performed on the Google search widget on the home screen.

A). For the new Google Now, Go to Settings and use the Delete History option.
B). To delete the lists manually from the Google search widget, click on the word or phrase until an X comes out, then press the YES to remove it from the history.

Do you use another browser that are not mentioned here, and you want to clear browsing history, or do you have any other advice on how to clean privacy data on Android? Leave a comment and share your knowledge!

With the new version of Android, the camera and Google Assistant will begin to get much better because now

Android O improvements brought to our mobile phones

With the arrival of Android O, which will be officially version 8.0, Google offers new features that will renew the performance of the terminals that work with this platform. That’s why today we’ll talk about the improvements that Android brings or for our mobile phones.

With the new version of Android, the camera and Google Assistant will begin to get much better because now

Notifications with individual counter

Many times we have a number of notifications accumulated in messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or even SMS; As we do with social networks, for example with Twitter or Facebook, and is that not every application has its counter notifications so we almost never know how many notifications we speak.
However Google will change this with its new Android O, which now includes notifications counter for each app. Now you can hold down the icon of an application and this will display a pop-up window that will allow you to read the notifications at a glance.

Android O adds new smarter camera

With the new version of Android, the camera and Google Assistant will begin to get much better because now, when capturing an image, the application will have the ability to recognize objects and places to make intelligent recommendations on actions, such as identifying a place on a map or perhaps indicate the name of a flower that was photographed. Something similar to what Bixby achieves on the Galaxy S8.
In the case of capturing a selfie or a group photo, I could suggest that you immediately hang it on Facebook or Instagram to share it.

Emojis supported by all systems

We are in an era in which words are accompanied by images that are expressed by emojis. Sometimes we use them because they express exactly our intention as well as emotion, but there are versions that do not support them and instead a small box or any other sign is placed, but among the improvements that brings Android O is that this will not happen anymore.

Google has enabled a new feature that allows developers to integrate a new emoji library, this new set comes completely redesigned and even though it is not part of the Unicode version, included in our keyboard, the system will be able to interpret the data and place in the emoticon closest to the one originally sent instead of placing an X.

New Android, new icons

Many times we have a number of notifications accumulated in messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or even SMS

With Android 7.0 we could experience that the icons that did not come natively round, were adapted to respect the design, but in this case developers and designers will have the freedom to create various models that allow the images and logos of the apps to look Equal in the variety of mobile and devices that support Android and are not forced to force an image that does not fit.

Security is renewed with Vitals

For Google the footprint and antivirus are not enough. The company took the security issues seriously in the apps and therefore created a tool that deals with analyzing all the security parameters of each of the applications that are hosted in the Google Play Store, including a review of the security of those apps that are already installed on a mobile phone, updates through another tool called Google Play Protect.

Project Treble arrives on Android O

Google is aware of how complex it is to distribute the update of its operating system among the more than 2 billion active devices in the world, in many cases much of this task is pending, so they decided to join Project Treble, which Is the biggest change to the low-level Android architecture that has been done to date, with this deep change Google intends to simplify the implementation of the updates and thus decrease the update times and recreate new effective distribution strategies.

Fluid experiences

To finish with these improvements brought by Android O for our mobile phones, we will talk about this new functionality that emulates the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode of Youtube, since it allows to continue watching a video in a floating window while we move in other applications without the videos are cut , Making a new feature native that lets you continue to watch a video on Netflix, for example, without being cut when reviewing a WhatsApp notification or an SMS.

Clip Layer is available in the Play Store for free, works from Android Marshmallow

Clip Layer will help you accurately copy any text on your screen

Editing a text from Documents or copying a phrase from a page is a difficult task with the selector of your Android smartphone. The tool recognizes the tapping of your fingers, but one of the cursors can be uncontrolled if you do not direct it correctly, and you end up copying a paragraph instead of a line. For these drawbacks to disappear you can use Clip Layer, an app that will help you accurately copy any text on your screen .

Clip Layer is available in the Play Store for free, works from Android Marshmallow

A wizard to copy text

Google’s tool to copy a text is somewhat short in spite of its great utility. Its format similar to that of word processors in terms of functions allows the user to use it in a simple way, although at the time of choosing a specific phrase the cursor fails.

This is where Clip Layer comes in . Clip Layer is available in the Play Store for free, works from Android Marshmallow and allows you to copy any text you have on the screen . Once you install it in your terminal you will have to configure it before using it. To do this you must modify one of the most basic functions of your Android: the long press of the Home button. Usually, this gesture opens the app that by default helps you find any content on the Internet, which in this case is the Google app. Once you change the attendance and voice control settings of your terminal you will have everything ready to use the app.

As we mentioned before you just have to press the Home button to have Clip Layer recognize the text you have on the screen. You will be selected selected in a grid and you will only have to touch the words to highlight what you want to extract from the text in question. Once the task is finished you can use the classic copy buttons to take it to a blank document time, a note from Google Keep or share it with a contact from WhatsApp, an application that has recently added new functions to the states .

Copy everything but your passwords

The good thing about this application that copies what you have on screen is that it serves with most applications, including those that do not let you by default copy a text. Now you will not have a phrase that you have to write by hand, unless it is a password. In that case we recommend that you learn it by heart or use an app like Keeper to generate, save and manage your passwords that you use from your Android phone.

Remotely control the mobile of another person from your screen

Remote Control Apps: Share the Screen and Control the Mobile Remotely

Earlier and more children and teenagers receive their first mobile phone while increasing the age limit to handle a smartphone today, as many older people are able to adapt to new technologies and also have their mobile phone. In many cases Remote Control Apps become a real friend to access others’ mobile screen to help them. The truth is that it can be a great help, especially at a time when some emergency have to locate a relative.

While in the case of the younger ones it seems that they were born already knowing how to handle the mobile devices, the older people have a lot more to adapt to them . So much so, that surely many of you have to go to the rescue of your parents or grandparents because they do not know that they have done on the mobile that does not work, has lost the connection to the Internet or have any other problem.

Remotely control the mobile of another person from your screen

Remote Control Apps: Access the mobile of another person from your screen

In addition, understanding what happens to them when they tell us by phone or text message, can be difficult task, so it involves having to go home to check what happens to them on the mobile and try to fix it. So that this does not happen, we are going to show below some applications for Android devices that allow to share the screen of a mobile with another person and thus to have access to the mobile of your parents or grandparents without moving of house and to solve the problem to them from the screen of your mobile .


It is a well known remote control apps since it has been around for many years in its desktop version. Well, TeamViewer also has its version for Android devices and therefore allows you to connect to a mobile in remote and take your control easily. For this, we will have to have installed the application TeamViewer QuickSupport in your mobile and TeamViewer on the phone we want to control.

Afterwards, we simply have to share the access ID with the user who will be sharing the screen and in a few moments we will have control of the telephone of that person who has provided us with his TeamViewer ID to help him solve the problem.

Inkwire Screen Share

Perhaps one of the best remote control applications for Android that allow sharing the screen of a mobile with other users. And it is that Inkwire Screen Share allows sharing the screen of a mobile with multiple users at the same time and also has an audio chat that can be used among connected users.

It also has another interesting function as it is to allow one user to draw on the screen of another to point out what he has to do. Download Ink Screen Share.


Like TeamViewer, OneAssist lets you share the screen of an Android phone with another user but not with multiple as InkWire Screen Share. The operation is simple, just install the application on both devices and share the ID to start sharing the screen. It is compatible with voice chat and also has an interesting feature, since it allows text messages to be sent to the screen of the shared phone so that the user can read them.