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Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft Corp. Windows Phone is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform.

directx12 add-ons

How to upgrade DirectX in Windows 10 and Windows 7

DirectX is a collection of APIs and resources developed by Microsoft and used by a large number of games and multimedia applications in order to make the creation of this content as simple as possible and to make the most of the users’ hardware. Since the launch of its first version in 1995, this set of APIs has become essential when it comes to playing or using certain applications within a Windows system, and therefore, to be able to take full advantage of these functions, it is very important to make sure you have the latest version available from these libraries installed on our PC.

directx12 add-ons

As we have said, DirectX is a complement that, in general, where it is most used is in video games . Therefore, when you install a game on your computer, for example, through Steam, the platform itself usually checks if you have the latest version of these add-ons, or at least the version with which the game has been compiled, and if not you usually need to downloaded and installed automatically in your system.

Each DirectX patch is designed primarily to improve game performance, fix bugs, and take better advantage of hardware. Therefore, even if a developer recommends a particular version, it is always advisable to have the latest version available.

How to check the version of DirectX installed on Windows

If you want to check the version of DirectX that you have installed on your computer, press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + R” and write in the execution bar that appears the command “dxdiag “, Without quotes.

It will open a new window like the following one, where you will be able to see all the details related to the hardware of your computer, as well as the version of DirectX that you are using.

How to upgrade to the latest version of DirectX

You can download and install the latest version by hand. To update DirectX to the latest version in your Windows, all you have to do is access the following link and download the Microsoft tool . Once downloaded, run and follow the wizard (be careful to uncheck the use of the Bing bar) to be able to have the latest version already installed.

We remind you that DirectX 12 is only compatible with Windows 10, as well as versions 11.4, 11.3 and 11.2, which are only compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1, so that users of Windows 7 can not go beyond DirectX 11.1.

Installing a version of Windows on a computer usually takes about 15 minutes, and during the process will be ignored versions already installed, unless some file is damaged. Once it is finished, it is advisable to reboot the system so that all the changes finish applying and you can make the most of this add-on.

Windows 10 VR is the Alcatel IDOL

Alcatel will launch the first smartphone Windows 10 VR

Alcatel Idol 4S will be the first smartphone with Windows 10 VR for Microsoft’s virtual reality. On the sidelines of the Microsoft press conference, Alcatel announced a change in Windows 10 for its Idol 4S . The originality of the device in question is given by the fact that will be delivered, as for its version Android, with a helmet for virtual reality.
 Windows 10 VR is the Alcatel IDOL
It will, therefore, also the first smartphone Windows 10 VR . Buyers will have access to quantities of content developed for the virtual reality and designed specifically for the platform.

Thanks to a specific level, professionals and Windows enthusiasts will be pleased to find a model that approximates the current standards, with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space , an APN selfie 21 megapixel and 8-megapixel front camera.

Microsoft will also offer some handsome bonuses to encourage buyers to take the plunge with Windows 10 VR. And, in particular, it will do so by offering a subscription of two months for its streaming service Groove Music, in addition to the Halo: Spartan Assault to those who purchase Idol 4s.

For now, no details on this new model release date, which seems to be reserved for customers T-Mobile in America. But, either way, expect confirmation on the arrival of this completely new version of the device even in the rest of the world and, therefore, also with us.

Available the new Build 10581 Windows Mobile 10: New and installation guide

Free Download Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 for smartphone

Microsoft to release the new build 10581 of Windows Mobile 10 users Insider who invoked the “Fast Ring” (hotfixes). Windows 10 Insider Preview, available the new build 10581 here is the news and driving guide to download and install this update.

Available the new Build 10581 Windows Mobile 10: New and installation guide

As anticipated, there is a new update of Windows 10 Mobile version Insider Preview . The update of the Preview to the Insider (advanced users and enthusiasts) can be installed on all phones currently supported.

It was finally released the preview version of the new build of Windows Mobile 10. The new version was introduced in the circuit of fast ring that allows you to try as quickly as new builds. This is the build 10581 , which is presented to the public with many new features.

Below you find a list of the main changes introduced with the update today. Gabriel Aul noted that this new build does not contain specific news but many corrections and a general improvement in performance. A change log apparently “poor” but quite normal when an operating system is nearing its official debut.

Among the corrections made by the build 10581 we include:

For devices upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 that support “Hey Cortana” now should be able to use this function without problems

Now you can select photos to share with third-party apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.)

Improved battery consumption thanks to the bug fixes that affected consumption

Fixed bug that did not allow to show the details for some applications in the lock screen

Improvements in writing predictive and self-correction

The video recording feature has been improved

Synchronize Visual Voicemail should now work properly

Fixed problems with the device Dual SIM present in build 10572

Below you can instead read the known issues in this build:

As with previous builds, after updating the device may show a black screen for about 5 minutes. Just be patient.

There are problems in the selection of the memory used for the default installation of the app (microSD or internal memory), it will be used that you have set before the update, in case of a reset of the device will be used in memory without the possibility of changing it.

The distribution of Silverlight app with Visual Studio do not work in this build, no problems with the Windows Universal App.

If you restore a backup to a device with a different resolution you will have the homescreen “damaged”, in this case just open the Action Center -> settings -> Customize -> Start and apply a different background image
The official list of bug fixes and potential of this build is available in this article .

Below is a video showing the new build in action on Lumia 1520 shot by colleagues WindowsCentral:

Smartphones supported by the new build of Windows 10 Insider Preview

All smartphones Lumia Windows Phone 8.x HTC One M8.

Recall that in an article we saw how to install Windows 10 Mobile preview , here is the link: Installation Guide Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview .

You should now install Windows 10 Insider Preview for smartphones?

As we said before, Windows 10 Insider Preview smartphone is a version not yet final, which was created to receive feedback from users and to be tested and improved in several respects. I currently do not recommend installing this version on your smartphone main as it is not a stable release and that may have some annoying bugs. If you have a smartphone backup, download and try this update, but I think it’s better not to test it on the smartphone main to avoid any kind of problem.

I can go back to Windows Phone 8.1 after trying Windows 10 Insider Preview?

Yes, Microsoft has published a tool called “Windows Phone Recovery Tool” that lets you reset your smartphone TP upgraded to Windows 10 to Windows Phone 8.1. You can download from this link.

If you try to download and install this update, however, let us know how you are and what you think.

Also stay tuned over the next few days to stay in touch with all the news related to the new operating system from Microsoft.

It is recalled in this regard that 10 Windows Mobile will debut on the new Lumia during the month of November, while in December will come in the form of update for all current Lumia Windows Phone 8.1.

Elephone to launch with dual-OS Windows 10 and Android OS

Exclusive Elephone to launch with Windows 10 and Android OS

On the new top of the range Elephone have already spent a few words in recent days, in fact, to be honest we reported virtually most of the information that will characterize design and technical details. Yet the new Chinese phone manufacturer returns to be talked about making it clear he wants to be on the market in two different variants.
Elephone to launch with dual-OS Windows 10 and Android OS

The first version of this new entry Elephone will feature an Android operating system and technical specifications related to a display 5.5″ QHD, processor MediaTek MT6795 octa-core 64-bit, 4GB of RAM, 21-megapixel Sony camera and battery at least 3800 mAh. For him there is a release date in the month of May.

The second version of the smartphone Elephone is a dual-boot smartphone. However, it should be able to rely on an operating system in dual boot with Windows Phone 10 and Android Lollipop.

New Elephone has operating system in dual boot with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop
The data sheet should call a display in 2K, a quad-core CPU from Intel this time and the remaining features of all respect as the 4GB of RAM, 32GB of memory, a 20.7 megapixel camera and the battery for more than 3800 mAh. In this case the launch is scheduled for the month of June.

So there are all the conditions to which the elect will be like the hottest summer for Elephone , do not you?

BlackBerry back to release an update for your application BBM version of Windows Phone

BBM for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a new update

After a long time since, BlackBerry back to release an update for your application BBM version of Windows Phone. Despite strong competition from Skype (owned by the way Microsoft) and WhatsApp (unfortunately Hangout and most Google services are absent), BBM has carved out a good chunk of the market, since it is an instant messaging service widely used in the business (because of its glorious past on BlackBerry smartphones) and, from this point of view, fits perfectly with Windows Phone 8.1. This platform is in fact one of the most ‘popular-level business.
BlackBerry back to release an update for your application BBM version of Windows Phone
The update released in recent hours does not make any new news but only a few bug fixes, which are still to improve the already good user experience. Nevertheless, the release of the update is a clear sign of not abandoning this application which, as we said at the beginning, has not been updated for a long time.

If you have not received the update notification, or in case you had not ever installed, below we leave our app box that will allow you to go directly (regardless if Sieta by smartphone or desktop PC) on the relevant page of the Windows Phone Store.

The search has become much more powerful and prepares the searches now graphically

Windows 8.1 Update is now available for free download

Microsoft has just released the Windows 8.1 update enabled via the Windows Store. Who uses a Windows 8 operating system, whether PC, laptop or tablet, and the Windows Store visits, get to see the above image. So it looks like at least for me, when I visit the Windows Store with my laptop. Actually, we had expected the Windows 8.1 update tomorrow, but Microsoft has released now unlocked and the update worldwide.

Depending on which version and what system you have, the size of the update may vary. Before you start the update, you should keep all important documents absolutely secure that do not lie on a second disk. Even if the update should not change anything in itself, all data could be lost in the worst case, if an error occurs.

The new features of Windows 8.1 are of course many and very interesting for pure tablets. The start screen of the Modern UI can now be much better adapted to the tiles. There are now a total of four different sizes of tiles that can be placed individually in order of importance. In general, the tiles can now be more easily invest in groups and labeled. All apps are accessible with a simple wipe and also the individual backgrounds can be designed with the background image of the desktop.

The search has become much more powerful and prepares the searches now graphically

The search has become much more powerful and prepares the searches now graphically. If one looks, for example, for artists, then pictures, songs, biography and general Internet search results are now shown in blocks.

Many of the settings and apps from Windows 8.1 can reach directly in the Modern UI now, without having to switch to the tedious desktop. Especially for users of tablets a relief, because the finger operation in the desktop’s already aggravating. The start button performs the new function from the desktop, then right back to the start screen.

Of course you are welcome to leave feedback in the comments if you have already installed the update. After the update, you can then also the Facebook app use.

Windows Phone 8 Improving Speech Recognition

Windows Phone Improving Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is one of the foundations of artificial intelligence that is slowly coming into our lives, especially thanks to today’s smartphones. In fact many of the advances we are seeing lately have to do with the management of devices via voice. And for this, it is vital that we understand the phone perfectly. For this reason, Microsoft has improved the voice recognition system on their handsets with Windows Phone 8 operating system.

For now this Microsoft speech recognition can be enjoyed by only users of Windows Phone 8 living in the United States and to use Bing, as this feature is only implemented in the form of Microsoft. And say for now, because we assume that also hit Europe soon. What seems more likely is that this improved voice recognition reaches the terminals with Windows Phone 7.8.

The improvements primarily consist of 15 percent reduce recognition errors, doubled the speed at time to recognize what has been said and also much improved in noisy environments, perhaps the Achilles heel of most voice recognition programs.

Windows Phone 8 Improving Speech Recognition

Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Redmond’s company has used deep neural networks (DNN) in order to develop a more efficient version of its speech recognition model. In this way the computer system is copying our brain works when it comes to recognizing what we say. Like us, this computer model also requires training by scientists working at Microsoft, as the DNN contains hundreds of millions of parameters representing the human voice patterns.

The success of the new Bing voice recognition in the terminals with Windows Phone 8 reaches 85 percent, which, though still far from 100%, to which humans sometimes not arrived, if that can be considered a significant approach. In addition, the increased speed will cause every time we talk more naturally with our phones, since your response is virtually instantaneous.