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What have the best quality of video? We have multiple alternatives when it comes to making video calls , such as Skype , Hangouts

Hangouts vs Skype: The best Apps for videoconferencing and online teamwork

In recent years, the dynamics of business have changed a lot. The trend is that, increasingly, workers need a flexible and accessible environment from anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that videoconferencing and online teamwork are increasingly necessary. And, for this, you need good software (and hardware, although we already talked about it in the Hangouts meet post : what it is and what hardware it includes ) that allows you to communicate with your team quickly and easily. Google Hangouts and Skype can be good options, fully compatible with your devices (Chrome or not).

Do you want to know the differences between both applications? In this post we help you decide which one is best for you.

What have the best quality of video? We have multiple alternatives when it comes to making video calls , such as Skype , Hangouts

Differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business

1. App installation

One of the main differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business is the need to install the software on your Chrome device. In case of having a Chrome device, Hangouts is already included , so it is not necessary to install anything . On the other hand, many Android smartphones also have this application by default. On the other hand, Skype requires an installation on Chrome devices, although it does not require a lot of effort either since you can find it in the Chrome Web Store .

2. Synchronization with your calendar and multiple forms of access

On the other hand, it is important to note that with Google Hangouts you can access video calls in multiple ways. For one, you can sync your G Suite data and calendars . This allows you to create events in Google Calendar and send the invitations by Gmail. Thus, anyone who accepts your invitation can access them directly with a single click. In addition, if you have meeting devices , such as Hangouts Meet Hardware , you can also access them directly. Other forms of access are access codes of meetings, videoconferencing systems third , thedial the phone or the shortcut from the video call URL .

Instead, Skype for Business only allows you access from an event or email, direct dialing of a phone or URL.

3. Screen Sharing

Both options have the possibility of sharing the desktop or screen. This can be very useful during your meetings, since you can share and comment live on your presentations. However, from Hangouts it can be much easier and with a higher quality than with Skype for Business.

4. Recording of video calls and live broadcast

Google Hangouts (with the Enterprise plan) goes one step further and gives you the option to record your video calls. This can be very useful for your business if you want to record your presentations and then show them to your team members. You can also take advantage of using your video calls to record and store training material . If you want to know more about this possibility or how to do it, you can read this Google post .

Also, if you want to broadcast these video conferences and events live on YouTube, with Google Hangouts you can also do it. For more information on this process click here .

5. Usability of the app

If you are already a regular user of Google, you will know that one of its main objectives is to make day-to-day work easier . In this case, the Hangouts app has a better user experience and is much easier to use. Therefore, for a user who has never used it or is unfamiliar with video conferencing software, the process of adapting to it can be much faster.

Do you want to try G Suite?

Hangouts vs Skype Which one do you choose?

As we have already said, both applications are fully compatible with any of your devices. However, if what you want is to have ease and comfort to access your video conferences, our recommendation is that you stick with Hangouts. If you are already a G Suite user, it will be more comfortable and useful to use Google Hangouts. If not, but you are thinking of using Hangouts, it will be good to read this post about G Suite plans.

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 rumors about specific features and release date

iPhone 6s came out not too long ago, there is already talk of the iPhone 7 with rumours about the technical specifications, additional features on the Apple device and a possible release date of the Apple phone!

During this time Apple will stand certainly also reflecting, among other things, on the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Many of these devices have come rumors on the internet even before the ‘arrival on the shelves of the’ iPhone 6s, something common with what surrounding Apple. Something quite normal considering the popularity of the device. Without further ado let’s summarize the various rumors until today.

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Talking about the design of the Apple we know that the California-based company redesigns its smartphone every two years. We have seen very similar to the iPhone 6s to 5s and 6, that, too, was largely similar to 5. For this we expect a redesign of the new Apple device. We do not know how Apple will move away from the style of the iPhone 6s, but we think it will not do for the most part. Anyway these are all hypotheses that will be tested in the coming months. An innovation in design could be the use of a new aluminum alloy , much stronger than the current

New features, however, could be the possibility of having the Touch ID within the display, which is in line with a patent application that has been advanced. But we do not know if it will be used in these new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Specifications

A new features would be to impermeability of the device, on this we have a patent that could give an idea of ??this move by Apple. Some rumors also speak of the possible lack of 3.5mm to shrink further thinness of the display, also, the new smartphone Apple could have thinner bezels. Turning to hardware, we can be almost certain that Apple is working on a faster processor than the iPhone mounted on the 6s and that, most likely, will be called Apple A10 SoC. Some sources speak of the possibility of seeing TSMC as sole supplier of processors for this series of the iPhone, we have a lot of hope on this processor, which surely will not disappoint us, at least we hope.

Speaking of memory, iPhone 6s expanded and doubled GB of RAM, since this took place only this year, we doubt that we will see 7 and Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 7 Plus with 3 GB of RAM.

Let the display, the voices would like an AMOLED display on the next iPhone, but this probably will come only after 2018, or even in 2019. Well we do not know when this will happen and if it will happen, but almost certainly, at least for Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, we could see again LCD panels. Speaking of resolution, we do not think that in Cupertino we intend to change the cards on the table, leaving iPhone 7 with a display of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 750 x 1334, while iPhone 7 Plus with a display of 5.5 inches and a resolution of Full HD.

But it seems that Apple is working hard to increase the sharpness of images and battery life with the help of Synaptics, a manufacturer of video cards, drivers and tactile display, Apple supplier. 3D Touch will probably be used on these new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus, also trying to strengthen it with a possibility of multi-touch 3D.

Speaking of the camera
, we do not think, again, that there will be changes, given the change occurred with the previous device. We may find, in fact, a sensor 12 Mp rear, with a 5 Mp front, which is already a big step forward compared to the 1.2 that were in the iPhone 6 and 5. Probably we will find the new features for the camera, as Apple is used to, but for hardware probably will not change much.

Some rumors speak, however, by the possibility of a dual camera, probably one to analyze the depth, and another that will act as a true sensor for shots, with the possibility of adding an adjustable focus manually .

Judging by the performance of the iPhone camera 6s, we have high hopes for the next iPhone 7. The Apple device, usually perform very well in the photos, we expect this also from the next Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

That’s all we know and need to know at the time about the new Apple device, and you? What you think and what would you change in the smartphone from Cupertino?

Disadvantages and Advantages Whatsapp

Disadvantages of WhatsApp as customer channel

WhatsApp seems to have become the standard for instant messaging in every country. This has led many companies to use this channel of communication with their customers, but the fact is that WhatsApp as customer channel has its advantages and many disadvantages either.

Disadvantages and Advantages Whatsapp
The main advantage is on the side of the universality of the application. It is so widespread that virtually all customers are among its applications. This makes communicating via this channel is much easier than alternative instant messaging that can take your company.

On the other side is a channel in which the immediate response is expected from the other. Whether we double check turned blue, as if we inhibited this option, the person sending an instant message in this way if you see that there is an urgent reply and will eventually call. Thus it is a communication path somewhat less intrusive than direct call, especially outside normal hours.

But it also has its negative points. It is a more informal communication channel, so customers can get to take certain trusts which then lead them to ask for things that are not willing to offer as volunteers. In this case the trust in many cases leads to certain abuses.

On the other hand if the email allows us to have documented conversations with customers, WhatsApp is not so simple. Many requests require a much more extensive than a message via smartphone explanation. True, photos or scanned documents can be supportive, but then when you save the documentation is not as easy.

Finally, a major Disadvantages of WhatsApp is that it forces us to be more aware of what we’d like smartphone and notifications, both within the office and outside. This can cause a series of interruptions that ultimately influence our productivity negatively. It is true that we can use W hatsApp in the web browser , but this does not mean that not interrupt us when we’re focused on a particular task.

internet of things is composed of millions of devices which are connected together

Internet of Things: Freevolt that feeds with air

The internet of things (IoT) is composed of millions of devices which are connected together, equipped with sensors, which analyze microscopic bits of data, with the aim to make our lives better. I have repeatedly stated that, for many, is considered the next big trend in digital technology. But as a sensor can be small and compact, to work you will always need current, therefore batteries, which sooner or later will be loaded or replaced. Or maybe not?

internet of things is composed of millions of devices which are connected together

Have deliberately remained enigmatic in the title, just to whet your curiosity. But what are we talking about? Lord Drayson, a British business man also involved in science has revealed, on September 30, a system that would allow, at least in theory, to solve the problem exposed earlier. It’s called Freevolt and capture radio waves that constantly surround us, to power low-power devices, or to recharge their batteries.

CEO Drayson Technologies demonstrated the functionality of this device before powering a speaker and then revealing the first device to be fully stocked Freevolt: CleanSpace Tag .

Obviously, this solution will not work on devices that require large amounts of energy (no, forget smartphone self-powered), but the technology offers significant opportunities as it does not need extra infrastructure to receive and share energy: “It does not require any extra energy, simply recycles the one that is not used at the time.”

The question on everyone’s mind now is whether this technology will go some way to affect what is the main function of the radio waves : transmit data. What, in fact, you might check it is being generated noise due to the lack of energy, so it would be necessary to increase the power with which information is transmitted. Developers, however, ensure that their product is not going to eat into the existing schemes.

And what do you think?

If you want to get free information on the Internet of Things: there comes a device that feeds “with air” leave your email address in the box below and sign up:

solve bootloop Android: how to act with firmware with and without recovery

How to deal bootloop Android firmware without data lost

As mentioned already in the guide “how to solve bootloop Android after installing a custom rom”, the procedure today we will see how to find the solution of the problem of blocking the smartphone or tablet on duty, after the initial start of the animation, in If the firmware is original with recovery and if you have an original firmware, but without recovery and without root.

Let’s start with how to solve bootloop Android in the case of original firmware with recovery .

solve bootloop Android: how to act with firmware with and without recovery
Premise: if you have a recovery installed, you may also use it to install (even temporarily) a custom rom and then continue with these steps:

STEP 1 : download a custom rom. On XDA they are to be found in abundance

STEP 2 : launch the device in recovery and enable the ” MountUSB storage “. Connect your smartphone or Android tablet to your computer with the included USB cable

STEP 3 : At this point, you should see the memory of the mobile device connected. Therefore, copy the custom rom in memory

STEP 4 : Finally, we just have to do is perform a full wipe (dalvik, data, cache, system)
How to act if the original firmware is no recovery and no root ? You must necessarily use Odin is the simple solution to flash the original firmware manually. The steps to follow are the following:

 how to solve bootloop Android after installing a custom rom

STEP 1 : connected on the website and register for free

STEP 2 : download the firmware

STEP 3 : download of Odin , bearing in mind that the version depends on the device in use

STEP 4 : start your Android device into download mode. Then open Odin and loads the firmware, most in the form tar and available in ” PDA “. Lends only to leave the settings

STEP 5 : Now what to do is start the process of assembling the system and partitions

STEP 6 : watch the end of the procedure. The message ” Pass “indicates that everything went the right way

STEP 7 : Finally, the device will reboot.

ARM Cortex A72 will be produced with a 16nm production process

Cortex A72 coming for smarpthone and tablet in 2016

ARM releases a series of more in-depth about his new core Cortex A72 will become from 2016 part of the chipset flagship Smartphone and Tablet.

ARM is preparing to take a big leap forward in 2016 with the actual marketing of new chipset based on cutting-edge architecture Cortex A72 to be attached to the GPU Mali T-880 next generation; the news of the arrival of the new chipset is a few weeks ago but now ARM has provided us with a number of more specific details on what to expect in terms of performance and energy optimization of the Cortex A72.

Cortex A72 will definitely be used by the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones

ARM Cortex A72 will be a natural progression in every sense of the Cortex A57 architecture and performance, you can already find on top of the range smartphone with Octa-Core chipset such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4, HTC One and M9 the list goes on.


The new architecture A72 will improve the current and also the previous ones (such as the Cortex A15) in various aspects: goes meanwhile said that the next generation ready for 2016 will implement a set of instructions that will increase performance 20 to 60 percent at constant clock function (which will reach maximum peaks of 2.5GHz), and you will have reductions of energy consumption (decidedly important factor for those who make autonomy without performance losses in an absolute value to decide whether or not the purchase of a mobile device) reaching peaks of 75% compared to existing ARM Cortex A15

ARM Cortex A72 will be produced with a 16nm production process

ARM Cortex A72 will be produced with a 16nm production process and the American company has already wanted to compare his new core with the Intel 14nm product (Core-M), highlighting how he multitreading performance and management of the RAM already higher .

ARM Cortex A72 will be a natural progression in every sense of the Cortex A57 architecture


The new solutions Cortex A72 will definitely be used by the world’s leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablet dedicated to the most demanding customers in 2016; you can be sure that Samsung, Mediatek and Qualcomm will exploit them to develop cutting-edge chipset and provide performance of the highest profile; rumors previously indicated fact that the next Cortex A72 architecture would also be able to allow recording at 120 fps video format Ultra HD 2160p, or you can record video in slow motion to that resolution.

The Root also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need

Benefits Of Rooting An Android Device

Benefits of Rooting an Android device, because users must run the root on their phones? We will look at some of the benefits of the Root to a phone or Android tablet. It is not that you have to give up the warranty, but surely there are many advantages.

The Root also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need
Let’s take a quick look at some benefits that you will get from the root to your device, usually it comes to system changes that improve performance by far, because Android devices have those annoying lag that can only be eliminated by installing the mod.

If your Android is not rooted, you will not be able to install custom ROMs. The installation of a custom rom not only improves and optimizes the Android system, but can also give a new user interface and come with amazing features that Sometimes they can be very useful improvements for your Android device.

The device becomes much faster, stable and gets a major performance boost. Most of these optimizations and functionality can not normally be installed on an Android since it is not allowed to modify system files.

Just like a PC, once you have rooted the phone, you can overclock the CPU – it means that you can increase the processing power of the CPU to a certain extent . This will give you a smoother Android experience if you see a lot of lag while using applications, then this might help to remove them. This may seem very tempting and easy to do, but instead is very risky because you can fry the motherboard phone or GPU .

It is advisable not overclock too . For example, if you have an Android with a 800MHz CPU, you should only overclock to about 900MHz. Or, if you have a dual-core CPU / quad-core, you should not overclock over 300MHz.

When there is little space on the internal memory , you can move almost any application on your SD card. This frees the memory for the use of the system and makes the internal memory clean and tidy – and also allows you to install many more applications in your mobile phone!

The Rooting also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need. This will help you to have features created by developers for your phone and also give you the ability to change themselves. Short on space? You can delete unnecessary system applications and collect a bit of usable space. It might be helpful for Android phones that do not have a lot of internal memory.

Nandroid backup requires you to have a custom recovery (preferably: ClockworkMod Recovery). No need to use a computer for Android applications for backup, contacts and other personal data. When you have permissions Root, you have the ability to install a custom recovery on your phone.

Tale recovery allows you to install custom firmware , and most importantly, you can save the current state of your Android phone or tablet using the backup option (Nandroid).

Will you be able to save everything, you can easily restore the system whenever you want , simply and easily. This is what we always recommend that you do before groped a new installation of a custom ROM or a tweak of the system risky.

If you use a lot of applications in a day, probably the intended victim is the battery because of all the applications that are run nowadays RAM for quite a long time, even if you have closed. You need an advanced task manager. The aim is to close applications that are running in the background on your device and consume a lot of battery. After rotated your phone, you can find various free and advanced task manager that periodically clean the RAM and help you save battery .

I hope to be useful by describing whether it is worth it or not have permission to Root on your Android device.