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Although part of the top range of smartphones in circulation, it sometimes happens that the iPhone is also affected by malfunctions .

How to unlock iPhone that won’t turn on or is locked

Although part of the top range of smartphones in circulation, it sometimes happens that even the iPhone is affected by sudden and unexpected malfunctions . Quality and price are often not synonymous with a sure guarantee and durability, for this reason it is absolutely not surprising if you run into problems that we do not know exactly what they are caused by.

Although part of the top range of smartphones in circulation, it sometimes happens that the iPhone is also affected by malfunctions .

Although part of the top range of smartphones in circulation, it sometimes happens that the iPhone is also affected by malfunctions .

In case the iPhone does not unlock or turn on, there are some methods to use to try to restart it : let’s see below what it is specifically.

How to unlock iPhone: Here are several methods to get it working again

First of all, if the battery fails to charge, put the device to recharge when it is turned off , leave it at least an hour before trying to see if it works again. It is recommended to use a usb dock to connect to the charger.

Restore from iTunes: in the event of various blocks and other malfunctions, connect the iPhone while it is on to the PC or Mac with a suitable cable, go to iTunes, click on the marked device and proceed with the restoration: by doing so, the operating system.

Recovery Mode: in case your iPhone does not turn on, you can enter Recovery Mode for recovery:

On iPhone 5S, SE, 6 and 6S to enter RM you need to press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time
On iPhone 7, use the side button and the one to lower the volume
From 8 to X both the volume keys only in sequence and the power key by holding it down.
Finally, on the 11, those of the volume and the side one.

Once the Apple logo has appeared, on iPhones from 5S to 6S continue to press the Home button until the iTunes logo and a cable appear , while on 7 and 11 continue to press the side one, in 8 and in X that of ignition.

Once in recovery mode, connect the iPhone to the PC, open iTunes and restore.

Installing multiple keyboard language to any iPhone with Jailbreak

Changing the keyboard language to any iPhone

Just as other mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad I have a keyboard with predictive text and spellcheck que allows us to write faster. This function corrects errors we can commit to typing, as accents or letters that we have inadvertently cast-although sometimes they do not work very well, but that’s another topic. To use these functions we need to have our language enabled by default, since otherwise it would be folly to write. Typically keyboards have several assets, for example English and Emoji, which is where the emoticons. Switching between active languages is very fast, but if you ever want to add another language we will have to go through the menu settings. AnyBoard is an application which allows us to switch to any language from the same keyboard.

Installing multiple keyboard language to any iPhone with Jailbreak

If the event that you need to write a text in another language that is not on our list is no longer necessary to configure a new keyboard from given options. What makes AnyBoard is adding all languages to the keyboard, but also does not interfere with those who have configured previously. To run this utility we have at least two active keyboards, such as English and Emoji. If you do not have it you can add it from Settings – General – Keyboard. This step is necessary for the globe icon appears next to the space bar, which is the control that can activate each keyboard.

When we installed AnyBoard and can try to switch to any language, the method is very simple. Simply hold on the globe icon and opens pop-up with all the languages of the system, 62 in total counting the Emoji keyboard. To move just have to slide up or down to find the one we want. On the other hand, if what you want is to quickly switch between our keyboards assets, sufficient to give a unique touch to the key of the globe and we will see how it changes the language, but only with keyboards that have configured. AnyBoard is a function of what more simple, but very well executed so as not to interfere with the previous configuration. The application is free and is in the BigBoss repository, which is added to Cydia by default.

Thanks to Jailbreak million users around the world can add new features to its iPhone and iPad , escaping the strict control imposed by Apple. This method is legal, but always try to prevent Cupertino so that the system can not be changed. For this reason they are working on a Jailbreak iOS 7.1, so that all users will have it installed without the Jailbreak. To avoid this I just did not update the system for now.

go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media to install

How to send unlimited photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular clients IM world today. Every day millions of users who sent messages and share files. As you know, WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of 10 images to send, but if you want to send more I’ll tell you how.

The first thing you need is jailbreak your device, then you must go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media to install.

go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media  to install

Once you have installed this tweak from now you will no longer limit to send photos or personal messages in groups. Said tweak does not require any configuration automatically when you install the limit that has WhatsApp is eliminated.

It is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to send many images at the same time, this can slow your computer back as it is a mass mailing of files and same you consume more data. So Install it at your own risk.

better storage space with a Micro SD card adapter can support up 250 GB of memory

Increase storage space and autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Note

You may have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and you reach the stage of wanting to make some personal changes to your handheld? It may be time to think of modding. By cons, you should always start from the beginning, not too bogged down in the technical details of development. To do this, you can start to make some hardware changes to your system as suggested by the XDA developers to give you greater battery capacity, and better storage space with a Micro SD card adapter can support up 250 GB of memory.

Of course, there is not really a change in the system of the device, but this change will definitely bring you a new experience related to your Samsung Galaxy Note. To do this, you need first, find an array of significant size that you can find on Amazon, for example, or ebay. Indeed, it is a battery of 8500 mAh, but the size is fairly consistent. It is at this stage that you have to use your imagination, because of course, the original cover can not maintain the battery. You can always opt for an adaptation that will protect the battery from any water, dust, or at least give a more aesthetic.

better storage space with a Micro SD card adapter can support up 250 GB of memory

Regarding the adapter Micro SD card, you can purchase at linitx, it will be capable of supporting a Card 256 GB, available from authorized dealers. Thus, you will not have to stress regarding storage space, whether for HD movies, photos, music and much more.

Therefore, if you are interested in this to start modding, you can get site on the XDA developers forum, to know all the details of the operation to take. Attention make changes to your device does not commit you, and we are not responsible for any damage if occur. Make changes at your own risk.

iOS 5: the untethered jailbreak will not come quickly

iOS 5 the untethered jailbreak will not come quickly
The operating system iPhone OS 5 can be opened to the untethered jailbreak, but the spread of the procedure to unlock iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will not happen anytime soon. The claims and promises the hacker pod2G, and on its Twitter profile (see source) has published a detector chirping: “Hey friends jailbreaking, I found a bug that can unlock iPhone OS 5. Do not expect a release soon, but we will work hard.” In short, the front door there, you just make it accessible and easy to use. Just another unwelcome news to Apple after the announcement of the vulnerability.

Only this morning we have in fact told the iOS 5 vulnerability that allows access to sensitive user data. And now the hacker pod2G make things worse with the promise of the jailbreak untehered devices Apple with iPhone OS 5, to unlock them. How long will it be before everyone can exploit the flaw? And Cupertino, how will he react?

SemiTethered iPhone Jailbreak for free

We have received many emails lately regarding the compatibility of SemiTether Tool, which allows performing the Jailbreak SemiTethered on your device to use some functions. Instead of going into the details of Tool SemiTether, go straight to the point.
SemiTethered iPhone Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.5 and iOS 4.3.4
While BigBoss has only hinted that their tools of SemiTether is compatible with iPhone OS 5, we have tested on a iPod touch with iPhone OS 4.3.5, jailbroken with the latest version of redsn0w, to test the compatibility of the tool with iPhone OS 4.3.5. But as expected, the installation of SemiTether warns us from Cydia, and then you can not continue with the installation, which takes no iPhone OS 4.3.5. The reason? SemiTether is designed only for IOS 5.x.
From the image below, you can see that iOS 5 is a key requirement to use SemiTether, otherwise you can not install the tool and then jailbreak SemiTethered on your device. The latest iPhone OS with which you can run the Jailbreak Untethered 4.3.3 is the tool through JailbreakMe.
Currently, however, the only device that can have an untethered jailbreak iOS 5 is the iPhone 3G with the old bootrom, other than that, any device, including the iPhone 4, all iPod Touch and the iPad 1 may have only the tethered jailbreak on iPhone OS 5 using redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze.
The tool SemiTether is a very ingenious way to get some sort of jailbreak untethered device, a package that is in the repo in Cydia BigBoss, once installed, allows the device to boot normally with some functions without using the computer called for in Tethered mode.
So in a nutshell the Tool SemiTether not work on iPhone OS 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 at the moment is working only on iPhone OS 5 and the two beta of iPhone OS 5.0.1.

Unlock Windows Phone smartphone the official process is available online ChevronWP7

Unlock Windows Phone smartphone: the official process is available online ChevronWP7

The official procedure for Microsoft to unlock Smartphone running Windows Phone 7 is available online. It is possible with the tool Chevron WP7, without voiding the warranty, download and install the applications HomeBrew of any developer.
Unlock Windows Phone smartphone the official process is available online ChevronWP7
The real advantage is being able to “open up” the more the system through Windows Phone applications that allow us to customize more and add a few missing natively features.
Unfortunately the release has a cost of $ 9 payable by Paypal, but we want to install as many applications. For inquiries you can simply login to this site ) and complete the steps.
Enjoy the more unexpected features on the same phone by the unlocking feature.