Installing multiple keyboard language to any iPhone with Jailbreak

Changing the keyboard language to any iPhone

Just as other mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad I have a keyboard with predictive text and spellcheck que allows us to write faster. This function corrects errors we can commit to typing, as accents or letters that we have inadvertently cast-although sometimes they do not work very well, but that’s another topic. To use these functions we need to have our language enabled by default, since otherwise it would be folly to write. Typically keyboards have several assets, for example English and Emoji, which is where the emoticons. Switching between active languages is very fast, but if you ever want to add another language we will have to go through the menu settings. AnyBoard is an application which allows us to switch to any language from the same keyboard.

Installing multiple keyboard language to any iPhone with Jailbreak

If the event that you need to write a text in another language that is not on our list is no longer necessary to configure a new keyboard from given options. What makes AnyBoard is adding all languages to the keyboard, but also does not interfere with those who have configured previously. To run this utility we have at least two active keyboards, such as English and Emoji. If you do not have it you can add it from Settings – General – Keyboard. This step is necessary for the globe icon appears next to the space bar, which is the control that can activate each keyboard.

When we installed AnyBoard and can try to switch to any language, the method is very simple. Simply hold on the globe icon and opens pop-up with all the languages of the system, 62 in total counting the Emoji keyboard. To move just have to slide up or down to find the one we want. On the other hand, if what you want is to quickly switch between our keyboards assets, sufficient to give a unique touch to the key of the globe and we will see how it changes the language, but only with keyboards that have configured. AnyBoard is a function of what more simple, but very well executed so as not to interfere with the previous configuration. The application is free and is in the BigBoss repository, which is added to Cydia by default.

Thanks to Jailbreak million users around the world can add new features to its iPhone and iPad , escaping the strict control imposed by Apple. This method is legal, but always try to prevent Cupertino so that the system can not be changed. For this reason they are working on a Jailbreak iOS 7.1, so that all users will have it installed without the Jailbreak. To avoid this I just did not update the system for now.