Moto G first generation: still valid after more than a year after


In the guide of the best smartphones with a maximum price of 100 Euros, we have shown that, nowadays, it is no longer necessary to spend crazy amounts for a smartphone with good performance and capable of taking on the most common tasks, use of the most common and simple app to navigation of websites.

In this guide, we want to raise the bar of the budget to 150 Euros , placing the usual question: what are the best Android smartphones on the market with the target budget? What can we expect more than a smartphone from 100 €?
On the basis of the models on market, so we tried to make a list of features to look for with a maximum cost of 150 euro:

– A screen size of at least 4.5 inches , to not give up a multimedia experience of a high standard;
– the installation of a recent version of Android , for full compatibility with the play store app, the allocation of the new features and increased stability of the system
– at least 8 GB of internal memory , a space sufficient to install this carelessly a good number of apps without running into problems of space;
– screen with HD resolution (720 × 1280 pixels) , in favor of maximum visibility of the details;

Similarly smartphone from 100 euro we have not included among the requirements the quality of the camera: the budget is still too low to make good photos. If you want a smartphone that also shots of good quality photos, you will have to compulsorily take into account higher-end models.

Some dutiful clarifications:

– In this guide, we wanted to choose the best smartphone on the market limiting ourselves, as already indicated, only models with the Android operating system and a lower price (or slightly higher) to 150 euro;
– The prices are those of the online store more known (such as Amazon) , on average more advantageous than those of physical stores: it is possible that the prices of smartphones in the malls to differ materially from those indicated in this guide;
– After much hesitation, we decided to include here also smartphones Chinese manufacturers ; because we did it? For the increasing availability in many Italian online store (which we prefer not to mention), and that does not force the user to rely on more risky shipments from China.

What we want to advise economic smartphones with a price of 150 euro? Here’s the list! Let us know what you think via the comments, and if you like the ranking that we drafted like to support us with a page!


Lenovo Golden Warrior A8: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM and 13MP camera

Features and specifications of LENOVO GOLDEN WARRIOR A8 806
Release Date: July 2014 Weight: 180g Thickness: 9mm Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat Update available : – Display: 5-inch Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels (294 PPI) Processor: MediaTek MT6592 1.5Ghz. GPU Mali-450MP4 RAM: 2GB Internal Memory capacity: 16GB Internal memory available: over 10GB Expandable Memory: NO Main camera: 13MP Front camera: 5MP Battery: 2500mAh, Removable: YES 4G Support: YES

Lenovo Golden Warrior A8: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM and 13MP camera!

Lenovo Golden Warrior A8 is undoubtedly among the smartphone with the best value for money, thanks to the technical specifications that are the envy to direct competitors. Unlike many devices Mediatek sold online, can rely on the strength of the reputation of a brand, Lenovo, now in great rise also in the smartphone market to medium-low.

And one of the few models in this price range to be equipped with 2GB of RAM first, that comes with one CPU that until not long ago was the proposal leading lineup of Mediatek, capable of good performance even in gaming. The large display is capable of a multimedia experience that has little to envy to a good mid-range smartphone, as well as the internal memory (16GB), equal to twice the minimum requirement that we set at the beginning of the writing of this guide.

The real strength, however, is in the photo quality , which, although far from the high-end models, is well above than other smartphone more famous, like the Moto G first generation.

To all this is added the endowment of 4G : a major advantage given the costs of increasingly affordable 4G services offered by operators. Highly recommended.

Some weaknesses of Lenovo Golden Warrior A8
An absence is important that the microSD slot for memory expansion : those who follow us, however, know that we prefer by far a greater allocation of internal memory than the storage capacity via external media. Finally autonomy is average , if not a little lower than current standards, showing to suffer the high consumption of the chip octa-core Mediatek,

Lenovo Golden Warrior A8: our comments
To recommend the Lenovo Golden Warrior 8? To all those who want a multimedia experience as close as possible to a smartphone to medium-high, with the least possible expense. If you are a long time away from home / office without the possibility of charging during the day, however, forget an extreme use, unless you decide to equip yourself with a power bank.


– 2GB of RAM
– more than enough internal memory (16GB)
– Supports connection LTE (4G)
– Good photo quality, when compared to the competition

– Slightly bulky and heavy, considering the size of the display
– You can not expand the memory via microSD
– Autonomy unsatisfying


Features and specifications
Release Date: January 2015 Weight: 134gr Thickness: 9.2mm Operating System: Android 4.4.4 KitKat – MIUI interface V6 Update available : – Display: 4.7 inch Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels (294 PPI) Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1.2 Ghz. GPU Adreno 306 RAM: 1GB Internal Memory capacity: 8GB Internal memory available: about 5GB Expandable memory: YES, microSD up to 32GB Main Camera: 8MP Front camera: 2MP Battery: 2200mAh, Removable: YES 4G Support: YES

Xiaomi Redmi 2: a smartphone with Chinese economic Snapdragon chip

Best price on Amazon: £ 164.99

Xiaomi Redmi 2: a smartphone with Chinese economic Snapdragon chip

Xiaomi Redmi 2 is another great example of how many Chinese manufacturers are able to stand out not only for the aggressive pricing of their products but also for the high quality levels. The advantage of Xiami Redmi 2 compared to direct competitors (such as Lenovo Golden Warrior A8) is in the choice of processor: instead of a Mediatek chip, low cost solution adopted by many products aimed at the lower price ranges, replacing a chip Snapdragon with performance / consumption more optimized, and interaction more hardware-firmware-oiled in Android environment. The rest of the features meet the minimum requirements that we set in this price range (1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory), supporting multimedia experience, strong with a large 4.7 inch screen, support for a fast LTE connection and a camera capable of superior performance to other “traditional” models. Also, is a dual-SIM smartphone (with 4G support with a single card of course).

Xiaomi Redmi 2: well balanced, no fault to be reported

We do not have to report specific defects (beyond a build quality is not entirely convincing) in a smartphone that can adequately support all the activities that you would expect from a smartphone in this price range, and that the model is more balanced between all smartphones suggested in this guide.

Xiaomi Redmi 2: our comments

The main reason to choose Redmi 2 than other Chinese models is definitely the envelope of the Snapdragon chip. A tip: if you want to push you even further with the technical characteristics, opt for the model with 2GB of RAM (released February 2015): given the small price difference is a solution not to be underestimated.


– Featuring Snapdragon chip 410
– E ‘also available with 2GB of RAM
– It ‘dual-SIM

– Materials not entirely convincing

3. MOTO G (1ST GEN.) – VER. 8GB

Features and specifications
Release Date: December 2013 Weight: 143gr Thickness: 11.6mm Operating System: Android 4.4.3 KitKat Update available: – Display: 4.5 inch Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels (326 PPI) Processor: Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 to 1.2Ghz. GPU Adreno 305 RAM: 1GB Internal Memory capacity: 8GB Internal memory available: about 5GB Expandable memory: YES, microSD up to 32GB Main Camera: 5MP Front camera: 1.3MP Battery: 2070mAh, Removable: NO 4G Support: YES

 Moto G first generation: still valid after more than a year after

Best price on Amazon: £ 187.00

Moto G first generation: still valid after more than a year after
Moto G first generation (in the basic version NOT LTE that we consider here) was released on the market in December of 2013, and was one of the best-selling smartphone online in the medium-low, thanks to a good hardware sector and the image of reliability associated with the Motorola brand. In fact nowadays the technical characteristics of the Moto G were outclassed by many other models sold at the same price (if not less), but despite this we continue to add to our guide to the best Android smartphone under 150 Euros. Why you say? Simple: for software support directly from Google, which results in the availability of software updates in a short time, offering the user a stable, responsive and upgraded to the latest release. Despite the release in 2013 then, is waiting to receive a short l update to Android 5.0 Lollipop .

The other great strength is the autonomy , allowing a truly carefree use even without the possibility of charging during the day.

Moto G 1st Gen: what are the weaknesses?

While it is true that the hardware has been surpassed by several models of the same band, on the other hand it is also true that the actual performance remain good, which also allow you to look out without fear of discrete graphics rendering complexity. Despite this we want to emphasize the weaknesses , which can not be overlooked:

a) The size: 4.5 inches make pocket but not quite rewarding in the reproduction of high-definition visual content or browsing web sites that are not optimized for mobile
b) The model we have considered here (because of the price) is to without support of 4G , feature now fairly widespread even among low-end smartphones
c) The quality of the camera : it is a parameter that we preferred to give little emphasis in this price range, but if the quality is of the Moto G below the sufficiency

It better to spend a little more for the LTE version or the Moto G 2014?
Based on the above, our advice is to:

– Opt for the LTE version, for all users who want a high-speed navigation;
– consider buying the Moto G 2014, for all those who instead want a larger display and want to elevate the user experience to a higher level.