The T-Mobile G2x is a visually appealing option

Details tech specs of cheaper smartphone T-Mobile G2x

For users who are looking for a cheaper smartphone that offers outstanding features designed for video games and recreational applications, the T-Mobile G2x is probably the option you are looking for in today’s market of mobile phones. This smartphone supports 4G technology offers a really fast speed of the hand of a dual core processor and a screen that reflects the contents in a clear, colorful and full of life.

The T-Mobile G2x is a visually appealing option

Needless to say that this device is being conducted by a reliable Android 2.2 operating system, which includes a variety of Google applications including Gmail, Google Maps and Youtube. The T-Movile G2x is the perfect device for those thinking about a phone that not only serves to communicate, but also fulfill the role of an entertainment device when required to do so.

The images are sharp, vivid and colorful in its 4-inch touchscreen that offers a resolution of 400 x 800 pixels. This means the screen is large enough to watch movies or TV shows in comfort, play video games without losing any detail or surf the Internet easily and smoothly.

While the phone itself is a bit larger than other similar devices offered by the competition, anyway, does not feel like a brick in the pocket and is uncomfortable when holding it and use it with your hands . This smartphone is 4.88 inches tall, 2.48 inches wide and it is 0.43 inches thick. Furthermore, weighs less de150 grams, which makes it not feel heavy at all to use, and does not feel bad when transporting from one place to another. This phone is an excellent choice for modern users.