Among the features brought by ColorOS 11 for Oppo smartphones is Flexdrop for multitasking

ColorOS 11 by Oppo for smartphones with Android 11

Oppo has announced ColorOS 11, its version of Android 11. It means that Oppo phones that receive the update will have features like updated notifications and privacy management and Nearby Share, the new Android version of Apple AirDrop. But the new Android skin also brings a number of changes exclusive to Oppo that the company has created on Android 11. Let’s think for example of the three-finger translation. Using Google Lens.

Among the features brought by ColorOS 11 for Oppo smartphones is Flexdrop for multitasking

Oppo showed a demo where you simply swipe down on the phone screen with three fingers (Three-Finger Translate) to intelligently translate everything on the page into a pre-selected language. Oppo also stands out for its customization options for ColorOS 11 which include an editable always-on display and an algorithmic wallpaper maker based on a shot or uploaded image.

New features with ColorOS 11 for Oppo smartphones

Another feature brought by ColorOS 11 is Flexdrop for multitasking. Users can watch video and text simultaneously, switch between connected devices and control it through a new Device Control menu, without downloading new applications. To maximize the performance of the available battery, the new Super Power Saving Mode has been designed which allows users to select six applications to activate and use when the battery is low.

Furthermore, the Battery Guard function prevents damage resulting from prolonged charging at unstable supply voltages by acquiring user habits. Thanks to this new mode, the charge stops intelligently during the night once it reaches 80%, and then resumes and reaches a full charge when users wake up.

ColorOS 11 introduced UI First 2.0, which combines Oppo’s patented engine for delay reduction with Quantum Animation. This increases RAM usage by 45%, improving response rate by 32% and frame rate by 17%. AI App Preloading learns user behavior to preload the most used apps, reducing upload times. SuperTouch instead identifies user scenarios and consequently optimizes the touch response speed, improving the fluidity of the system.

ColorOS 11 integrates the new privacy options of the new Android 11, while creating a number of additional features for privacy protection and data security. The Private System duplicates applications and data, creating a copy independent of the original, accessible only through a fingerprint scan or a special password.

In addition, a new shortcut for App Lock allows users to lock applications through password, fingerprint or facial recognition. ColorOS 11 will be released following the batch-by-batch method, starting with the Find X2 Series.