NoteCreator is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch having the Jailbreak

How to create notes from the home screen of iPhone

Application Notes for the iPhone and iPad are often very useful to quickly save any text, either a phone number, an email address, a paragraph copied from the Internet or something you do not want to forget. Carry a notebook over and is not practical because ?our iPhone can save all information and also keep synchronized on the iCloud, so if the phone is damaged, lose or steal ??our notes will not be lost. This feature is very useful, but can still be more so if you have the Jailbreak installed. Imagine if you could also create a note anywhere in the system with a simple gesture, without even opening the application accordingly. We tell you how to do with the new application NoteCreator.

NoteCreator is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch having the Jailbreak

NoteCreator is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch having the Jailbreak, including the newest and mini Retina iPad or iPhone 5S. This goes hand Activator, the popular utility Ryan Petrich that allows us to set methods access to any function. Therefore, when you install NoteCreator see the Activator icon also appears on our home screen. The purpose of this application is that we store any information as a note without having to do hardly anything, a simple gesture or button press will be enough to start writing whatever we want. When you activate it will show a popup window where we can create a note, title it and it is stored in the terminal.

The application has a configuration panel is automatically added to the menu settings of the device and allows us to modify three options. The first is whether we want the option appears Title at the top of the note, very useful to name each note and to identify them quickly. If you do not fill this section shall be taken as the beginning of the title text containing the note. The next option will automatically open the keyboard when we activate the quick note, so it will be even more immediate. Finally, the option Save to cancel serves that clicking Cancel the text is saved and can continue writing later. Furthermore, the window itself NoteCreator you can choose the account where the note, e.g. Gmail or on the device itself is stored.

As mentioned, Activator is necessary to configure the activation method NoteCreator function. In our case we have selected a double tap on the right side of the status bar, right where the battery icon is. The options are varied and include touch gestures or pressing buttons. Each user must choose to consider more practical but recommend using touch controls for not punishing the buttons. If you also configure it to operate in any part of the system allow us to write notes from the lock screen or within any application.