Details on the design of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6

We have received information that the new device Samsung Galaxy x6 Smartphone already been shown in the backstage of CES 2015, but we know that the final design is still in question.

The good news is that currently is considering two designs for the new smartphone Galaxy S6, one in which the device will be composed of a single metal body (probably the one we have seen before filtration), and one that is partly metal a rare type of removable plastic (like the one presented Galaxy Note 4).
Samsung Galaxy x6
It seems that the metal version was shown at CES to help Samsung to make a final decision on the course that would take the S6. It is important to note that if Samsung pursues the path of metallic design, the battery will no longer be removable, so if so, does not know how fans will react previous Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy S6 also have access to the new store Samsung issues , which will allow users to do a variety of themes to customize their devices, choosing Store, or creating your own. And it gets even better for those who hate the TouchWiz interface: Samsung preloaded applications will receive a review, so TouchWiz now runs smoother, which was already a rumor which we were aware.

Finally, the S6 will come with a Micro-SD, a fingerprint reader, UV sensor, with a system of rapid battery charge and microphones unidireccionale slot s (also seen in Note 4).

That’s all for now, but tell us, what version of the Galaxy S6 possible you prefer? Everything metallized without its removable battery? Or do you prefer the style Note 4? Did you know about these amazing technological advances which has dabbled Samsung ? Undoubtedly, whatever the design for which will be chosen, advances and new options for interacting with the mobile phone will be a great achievement for the company, very appreciated by the fans.