Samsung has readied 4 models of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 having different specs for each one

Samsung made 4 different model of Galaxy Note 3

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note III is expected for the month of September 2013 did not finish to be subject to speculation. While rumors about the screen and its technical characteristics begin to be more plausible, other rumors about its range or rather his line just hit the canvas. Rumors that have been identified on the ETNews site based in Korea.

According to this site, Samsung has come out 4 variations model of Galaxy Note 3 having different specs for each one. The secret theme is to differ prices which certainly aim to reach as many consumers as possible.

Samsung has readied 4 models of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 having different specs for each one

The first model would have an unbreakable AMOLED screen with a shell made with far more superior plastic material that knows the current Galaxy range. It seems that this first model will offer a 13 MP camera at the back, and will be limited edition.

Then the other three models will be of the same plastic shell that is dear to Samsung, the second would have a normal AMOLED screen, always as a 13 MP digital camera. The last two models are equipped with an LCD screen that the third would have a 13 MP camera while the 4th model would 8 MP. These are rumors that a little more consistent with the old rumors about Samsung’s will decline to its Galaxy Note 3 in two models, one of which is equipped with an LCD screen, and the other AMOLED.

Otherwise, the rest of the technical characteristics of the four models are expected to remain the same, namely, according to rumors, a 5.7-inch screen Full HD, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 Octa processor and 3GB RAM. Of course, all this is still just rumors, and the final characteristics of the unit may be different when it came out into real life. In any case, if all goes well, the device will be announced next September at IFA 2013 as it was the case last year with the Galaxy Note 2. You can wait few months until the expected date for new information regarding this phablet as expected.