Do you know which apps are consuming the most data

Discover the apps that consume the most data on your mobile

Do you know which apps are consuming the most data

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an essential complement for us. It’s hard to take a look around and not see anyone taking a look at their device, whether it’s reading the news, browsing their social networks or communicating with others.

This multifunction has a small drawback and is that it causes the battery to run out quickly, especially if we have installed or use certain applications . We tell you what they are and how to detect them.

How to know which applications consume more data in Android Devices

There are not a few times that we get a surprise at the end of the month when we see the invoice of our telephone company. In the era of smartphones, the data consumed have a lot to do with this. Therefore it is convenient to know how to know which applications consume more data.

We found out in different ways in Android and iOS. In the first case, we will have to follow the following steps:

-Menu “Settings”:¬†We slide our finger from top to bottom on the screen of our mobile, displaying the notification bar. To the right is the icon of a cogwheel, which takes us to “Settings”. We press it.

“Use of data”. Within “Settings”, click on the “Use of data” option, which leads us to see a graph of our consumption. It informs us about the applications that are spending the most data.

However, this procedure depends on the brand of the mobile. For example, in Samsung smartphones we must first enter the “Connections” menu, where we will find the option “Data usage”.

How to know which apps consume more data in iOS

Both iPhone and iPad we find a function that tells us about the battery that consumes each of our applications. It is included in the system itself. To access it, we only have to go to the “Battery” section and, within it, go to the “Battery Usage” section.

In it we will see a small icon shaped like a clock. If we press it, it will show us in real time how much we have used each app on our mobile, including the battery consumption spent during the previous seven days.

It is worth knowing which apps are consuming the most data, especially if we spend a lot of time away from home and can not connect to any Wi-Fi network. We can divide them into two classifications : those that consume data simply with being installed and those that consume while they are executed by the user.

The apps that consume the most data without needing to be used:
-Facebook: It is the social network par excellence, with more than 2 billion active monthly users. It is the application that consumes more data due to its high activity, since it continuously tracks data and news, and also alerts notifications. For example, one hour of browsing on Facebook consumes approximately 90 megabytes.

-Instagram With approximately 800 million active monthly users, this social network owned by Facebook does not only include data tracking. Also the continuous publication and reproduction of videos, as well as images. The filters that we use for these photographs consume a lot of battery.

-Whatsapp. Of course, it is one of the most used applications, because it is the messaging tool par excellence. It is used every day by more than 1,000 million people through video calls, texts, multimedia files, illustrations, gifs, etc. Even if it is not running, it consumes data just by being installed.

-Netflix. The consumption of megabytes depends on the quality of the video that we download. You can consume from 0.3 GB up to 0.7 GB per hour, depending on what the file weighs. If we are connected to a Wi-Fi network with an unlimited plan, we do not have to worry.

-Spotify Music. The consumption of data depends on the quality of the audios that we listen, reaching to spend about 72 megabytes per hour of reproduction if we access the highest quality files.

-Snapchat. This application consumes a good number of data due to the many functions that it includes: videos, images, connection with other users … But it has been from its last function, “Discover”, when its consumption of megabytes has increased considerably.

Tricks to save data

Taking into account the apps that consume the most data, it would be a good idea to find a way to save data on our mobile. We can carry out some tricks in both Android and iPhone. The following are simple and efficient:

-Delete the Facebook application. It is one of those that spend more battery, so it is better to eliminate it and access our account through the web version. Although if we want to keep the app we can disable the automatic playback of videos to save a few data.

-Reduce the data used in Instagram. Given the demand of its users, the social network has decided to enable an option to reduce the data it uses. To do this we have to enter our profile, go to “Settings”, then to “Use of mobile data” and finally, click “Use less data”.

-Delete the automatic download of WhatsApp. Something similar we can do with WhatsApp. Just go to “Settings”, “Data usage”, “Automatic download” and “Connected to mobile data”. We deactivate the options that appear (photos, video, documents …), with which we will download all the content by hand when we have WiFi available. We can also check the option “Decrease use of data in Call settings”, which we will access from “Settings” and “Data usage”.