Data recovery firms charge a fortune to retrieve information after your computer has crashed

Free Data Recovery Wizard, A Comprehensive Review

The idea of data loss elicits panic and uncertainty. You have a feeling that you have lost files that you have cherished for years or data that is the anchor of your operations. For most individuals and firms, you feel as though you have to spend a fortune at recovery and even not recover some of your data. Data Recovery Wizard Free is a revolution that returns all the data you ever lost by own mistake or by actions of other people.

Step-By-Step Data Recovery

Data recovery firms charge a fortune to retrieve information after your computer has crashed or someone has pressed SHIFT+DELETE. Other firms concentrate on certain files instead recovering audios, videos, emails, photos and text files, among others. In other instances, someone can only recover data from a computer and not the memory card, camera, USB, and other hard drives.

Free data recovery software is an easy to use application that does not require any technical IT knowledge. It is the easiest to use in its category. You only need to launch the software and begin to recover your desired files. You can launch it on any computer or mobile device like phone or tablet.

The wizard will prompt you to scan the files that have been stored in the device or memory ever since it started being used. The scan wizard reveals all files in categories of videos, audios, data, pictures and other formats that information is stored. This gives you a chance to select the files or data you need to recover and leave alone what you are not interested in.

The final step is the hard drive recovery where, having viewed the files stored in your device, you select them for recovery. The files are clear and their quality preserved. The idea is to recover the files as they were when they were deleted. The state-of-the-art recovery software recovers data lost through accidental deleting, failure of your hard drive, formatting, virus attack or system crash. It also recovers files that were lost with a partition of your storage device, lost during the act of partitioning or any other way that data can be lost.

Why Choose This Data Recovery Software

• It is free- You do not have to spend a fortune on data recovery. You simply download the software and get down to recovering the data.

• Clear recovery- you have an idea of all the data being recovered. This enables you to choose what you need and therefore speed up the process of recovery.

• Efficient- you have the option of a quick scan to see what is available for recovery. With the quality still maintained, your recovery process is successful and relieving.

• Time saving- you can share information with other platforms including the recovery results. This allows you to recover data without having to restart the process of scanning.

There are different versions of the data recovery software to match the needs of different users. You can advance the features by purchasing the Pro or Pro WinPE versions that offer limitless capability. Data recovery is no longer a daunting or expensive task with the free data recovery software.