Samsung Galaxy S7 to get 3D Touch-like features, rumor says

Even Samsung Galaxy S7 will have its Force Touch

Expected early next year, Galaxy S7 has already been involved in some rumors on the web. The last relates to a new mode of interaction similar to the 3D Force Touch and Touch Apple

With the arrival on the market of the first systems of measuring the pressure of the touch even on glass it is very likely that the next smartphone will have similar technologies to 3D Touch iPhone iPhone 6S and 6S Plus . Among the Android smartphones, Huawei Ascend Mate S is already it announced a similar feature, and next to sport it on the list of technical specifications will most likely Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to get 3D Touch-like features, rumor says

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The flagship Korean is expected for the first months of 2016 and it seems that will use technology developed by Synaptic ClearForce , probably the same one that also uses the Ascend Mate S. At the moment we do not know the way Samsung will implement the feature, and what will be the benefits that it will offer on its top of the range. In the case of the iPhone, for example, the hardware is accompanied by some software capabilities.

3D Touch allows access to some contextual menus on the Home screen, offers a preview of emails, web pages or photos in the app related and can be deployed on third-party applications through API specifications released by Apple. Samsung already provides some of these features on some models of smartphones, though often require the use of a stylus outside (for example in the models of the family Galaxy Note).

ClearForce Synaptic could ensure the execution of the same features with the exclusive use of the fingers, enabling them also in smartphones that do not have other aiming systems. Admittedly, the implementation of 3D on Android Touch would not lead to benefits so obvious, making just simply faster access to features such as context menus, which users take advantage of the green robot for some time.

It will be very interesting to see how the various manufacturers will implement ClearForce. Huawei has already shown a very special feature balances on its Ascend Mate S , and in this case the real success of this initiative is linked to the imagination of software developers and, above all, that the API will be released in support of the function.