Facebook launches search engine to counter Google

Facebook launches search engine to counter Google

Google and Facebook wants to fight to get it launched the new feature cercadi able to find public post, the ongoing discussions and the articles of the newspapers. In this way it aims to increase the residence time of the people on the social network.

Facebook is revamping function “search”, the internal search engine of the social network, allowing you to find not only profiles and pages but also the posts of friends or public posts and threads “hot”. So, the new search logic allows you to take a look at what’s going on in the world and what you are talking.

Facebook launches search engine  to counter Google

Facebook is not a search engine and perhaps this is why we do not expect that much from its function “search” . However, being well enough in its scope, this function has never shone: sure, you can find profiles of people and pages but, especially in the latter case, you can not always find what you are looking for. In short, the tool is a bit ‘”dull”.

However, things are changing: Facebook has decided to update the function “search” to make it able to find the post of our friends and public post.

Facebook boosts research, challenge Twitter

The new “look” will search for a topic, see the most discussed topics, find references to relevant articles and so on. It is, therefore, of a system of research community-based rather than textual. Also search suggestions have been improved, as you can see in the video presentation of these new features.

If Facebook wanted to make it suitable for the search system to its ecosystem, perhaps this time he just hit the target.

Instead of transforming the “look” into a mere tool – boring – to find information, has made ??a way for understand what is happening in the world and what they’re talking people.

In short, eye to post you write, it will not be nothing left unnoticed (even more than before).