Messenger now available for Windows and macOS

Facebook Messenger now available for Windows and macOS

Since the quarantine began and most of us have been forced not to leave home, there are many applications that we use every day to communicate with our loved ones, family, friends , coworkers and other near and dear ones. There are lots of popular services for the HD video calls and video conferences such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and others.

In the last few hours, a new compete has been added to both Zoom and Skype, WhatsApp and the rest of the services that allow us to make video calls. I am talking about the Messenger application of Facebook, who a few hours ago launched an application for both Windows and Mac.

Messenger now available for Windows and macOS

Thanks to this new application available for computers, we can finally make video calls sitting comfortably in front of our computer and with the stability that this entails in terms of image, since we do not have to hold the phone with our hands or support it somewhere without being able to square our person in the center of the image.

According to Facebook, with the Facebook Messenger application for macOS and Windows, we can make unlimited free group video calls. It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to be able to use this application, as it happens with the application for mobile devices.

In addition to allowing us to make video calls, it allows us to have conversations with our friends and family, just as we currently do from our mobile device or tablet. In addition, it synchronizes all messages between devices , so we will not lose any message, regardless of the device we use.

The application for Windows is available for download through the Windows Store, by clicking on the following link . In the case of macOS, the application is also available in the Apple for Mac application store through the following link. Of course, the download is completely free.