Firefox now support for Retina displays

Firefox 18 is now available with support for Retina displays

Some time ago I talked about developing a version of Firefox, this was a very preliminary version, but it was something that many have been waiting for: the support for Retina displays. However, the wait is over for the day of Firefox has been released today 18 with support for this type of display.

Firefox now support for Retina displays

In addition to the above, this new version of the browser includes a new JavaScript compiler called “IonMonkey”, with this experience it will be much faster navigation as Mozilla says that by implementing this new web applications and games will run until 25% faster.

Among other things, also included performance improvements during switch over between tabs, a new scaling algorithm to obtain some improvements HTML when displaying certain types of images and preliminary support for WebRTC.

The update is available from the menu on Firefox, which will have to press the button for updates. Similarly you can also download an original copy from the official website of Mozilla downloads.

You can also download an Android version of Firefox from GooglePlay.