Top Best Sleep Tracking Gadgets or Apps

Sleep ++: free app to track sleep quality

Sleep ++” is a free app that monitors the quality of sleep thanks to the Apple Watch and automatically displays the data collected in your personal folder in the “Health”. The latest update to version 2.0 brings with it new and interesting innovations.

Sleep ++ can be downloaded and used for free by all, but includes banner ads that allow the developer to fund the work.

Top Best Sleep Tracking Gadgets or Apps

Its operation is simple and immediate: Once downloaded and installed (of course on your Apple Watch and not only on iPhone), you have to wear the Apple smartwatch during the stages of sleep, activate the app before going to sleep and turn off monitoring just before getting out of bed. Within moments you will see on the screen a series of useful information about the performance of your sleep, a detailed report that will also carry on the iPhone and the app ” Health Apple” (in case you have given access).

The recent update to version 2.0 brings with it important in software improvements, a more precise and accurate analysis engine that makes even more precise monitoring than the previous version. The algorithm has been completely revised to enable more precise monitoring during sleep stages, thus failing to report more accurate data that can be useful in analyzing the best use of their sleep stages. More detailed explanations have been added, and full compatibility with the time zone in the event of monitoring during a trip.

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