LINE Camera is an application associated with the communication tool LINE

Five free photo retouching apps to improve your photographs

There is no doubt that retouching is one of the key features that smartphones users looking for. This is evidenced by the number of photo retouching applications that have come about, playing all the clubs, from the images look professional, you want to give a classic touch to your photos or even a funny look. Among the huge variety of free retouching apps for smartphone we wanted to pick the 5 most famous, useful and manageable applications for users. And what is the best is, you have no charge.

Photo Grid also allows you to customize frames and share the result via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

1. Instagram

We can not start this list by another application other than this. And it is the tool that has achieved fame and has spawned other similar style. But Instagram is not only an application of photo retouching, this is a complete social network where, as users, you can share your creations, follow other users and know all your snapshots. This may apply 19 filters with their respective frameworks, besides blur effects or to highlight shadows and lights. Instagram is an application that is making waves despite the recent problems that have occurred after the amendment of its terms. Furthermore, Instagram can be downloaded free for Android from Google Play and from App Store for iPhone.

2. Snapseed

One could consider the direct rival Instagram, for that to confront Google against Facebook (owners of both), but its objectives and functions are very different. So while Instagram seeking socialization, Snapseed seeks to give the user full control over editing your images. It is therefore not merely permits to apply filters, but has tools to change the saturation, hue, brightness, focus and so many other issues personalized to being the user who decides what, how and where. Snapseed is something like a Photoshop easier to use for smartphones. This application can also be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.

3. LINE Camera

Having a bit of all applications have earlier LINE Camera. An application associated with the communication tool LINE but functioning independently and with many possibilities. And it offers filters, effects, tools to draw freehand and a point those really like users of LINE: include fun stickers of this tool in their own photographs. All this can share the result through the self LINE through Facebook or Twitter. This application is also available free of charge on Google Play and App Store.

LINE Camera is an application associated with the communication tool LINE

4. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate is definitely one of the most popular tools for retouching. While starting pay being exclusive to Android, currently offered for free, like all its contents, which are not few. In this application you can apply filters and modify certain aspects of your photographs. However, what surprises this application are the effects it contains, such as creating images within images, create a drawing from a photograph and many other options to personalize your catches. This application is also completely free and you can download from Google Play as from App Store.

5. Photo Grid

In this case there is an actual image editor. It aims to create all kinds of attractive compositions and collages with our photographs; squares, rectangles, brochures, forms less certain and all this with only select images that we want to introduce in the collage and shake our terminal. Photo Grid also allows you to customize frames and share the result via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Another application completely free on Google Play and App Store.