iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date

Further details on the New 6th Generation iPod Touch

Most of the changes introduced with the sixth-generation iPod touch have already been described in detail in the course of this afternoon. But there are technical aspects that Apple does not report, leaving the discoveries conducted by trade publications and by users.

iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date

Compared to the iPhone 6 there is some change, although nothing excessive, the two processor cores traveling in the the New 6th Generation iPod Touch to the frequency of 1.1 GHz, compared to 1.39. The reason for the lower clock seems attributable only to the will not impact too much on the battery capacity smaller than that of the iPhone. Zero surprises instead regard to RAM, which stands at 1 GB. Although with the ability to share this app and games today beginning to be close it is obviously a significant improvement compared to only 512 MB of the fifth generation.

In practice, the difference would be felt mostly in Geekbench numbers and very little in normal use, but to have more certainty you have to wait the full reviews. Finally, a curious detail: is identified as iPod7,1, while the previous version was 5.1. As if in fact it was instead to the seventh generation, with a sixth discarded under development. But these are just guesses possible rapids that do not change the substance in reality, where this just released is the sixth model of iPod touch since its appearance in 2007.


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