Wireless Charging Kit that can load power of 650 mAh

Pre-Order Wireless Charging Kit For Samsung Galaxy S4

Those eagerly awaiting the commercialization of wireless charging IQ Samsung Galaxy S4 can finally rejoice, as it is now pre-order on several U.S. sites at the price of $ 90, you can finally say goodbye to congestion that provide the son chargers.

Wireless Charging Kit that can load power of 650 mAh

So this charging kit includes a rear cover charge and loading buffer. If you intend to use it everyday, it will immediately be used to cover a little larger than that found by default on the Galaxy S4. In addition, the cover may very well take over the NFC connection. Otherwise, the charging station is a little smaller than that found on other devices, and is slightly curved upwards and to facilitate sliding of the smartphone on the device, in contrast to what has been found on Nexus 4.

Technical data for the charger, so it provides a load power of 650 mAh which is quite reasonable considering the 500 mAh provided by a USB 2.0 port. In comparison, a wall charger provides 1A. We can deduce that this wireless charging station load slower than a conventional charger.

Therefore, if wireless charging kit for Smartphone Galaxy S4 interests you, you should wait a few days to get it for a sum of $ 90, about 68 euros. A price may be a little high, but still interesting.