integrated shopping stop Google Play free

Games with integrated shopping stop Google Play free

As we all know, the model freemium is succeeding in Google Play. Tagged free, many of us update games and once they took the odd hour, we see that it is impossible to move forward if we do not use any of the purchases that the application offers , whether extra lives or one that other weapon that allows us to eliminate this enemy so hard.

Well, as we read in Android Authority , Google will no longer appoint Play such games as free from September thanks to an agreement reached with the European authorities.
integrated shopping stop Google Play free
Last year, the European Commission addressed this issue with both Google and Apple, and asked them to do everything possible to protect consumers-and in particular children, of such practices. Google will be the first to put into action some policies to protect users, and from September 2014 will see some changes in the games freemium .

First, the word free will disappear in these applications , we do not know how will be renamed, but we will have a first warning that this game will not be entirely free. Second, Google will create guidelines for developers to try to prevent some acquire more vulnerable groups such purchases. Finally, Google will control more such applications exist to prevent violations of this agreement.

While Google is complimented by Europe due to the speed of the application of these protective measures, the opposite happens to Apple . While the Cupertino have promised to implement those changes in your store, so far have not made a single mention of when they will, and that in the United States and have had to return $ 32 million to thousands of customers affected by micropayments.

We do not know whether Google will apply this policy worldwide or only in Europe, the truth is that as consumers we are, we are glad that we are becoming less vulnerable to certain dishonorable practices of some developers . Although it never hurts to go over how to control Google Play .