In the future of Android voice assistants and artificial intelligence

Google unveils Android Oreo, the new Android operating system

After Cupcake, Gingerbread, Kit Kat (Chocolate Sticks), Marshmallow and the latest Nougat (almond), Google this time inspires the biscuit that most Americans likes, Oreo is the eighth version of the Android operating system.

Google has created a portal dedicated to the new Android Oreo, with a countdown to the keynote presentation in New York, coinciding with another great event: the solar eclipse, broadcast online with Google’s live streaming (in collaboration with The Nasa) for all those who have not been able to admire it alive. The new version of the operating system, expected worldwide by fans of the robot, will initially only be available for Google Pixel and Nexus smartphones , but in the coming days it can be downloaded from all androids devices, such as the owners of the new Nokia 8.

In the future of Android voice assistants and artificial intelligence

More intelligent, fast, and powerful, the new Google operating system features “picture-in-picture” functionality, allowing anyone who uses it to continue viewing a movie on a postage stamp screen while responding to an urgent email. But it is also characterized by higher security features: the system has built-in Google Play Protect and new features such as application-level installation controls at source, important front and center security settings, and even greater security protection Privacy and malware. And there is also Vitals, the new security system in the background against viruses, hackers and malware.

Android O can limit background application processes by increasing the battery life and will have an enhanced notification system: Android O apps will appear on the top edge of Android or the “Notification Dots”, dots reporting new messages or news, pressing Which will appear in contextual menus, to perform operations with those apps.

Android Oreo also offers a completely redesigned emoji set, notification indicators and saves battery usage when needed. Among other functions is the “Smart Text Selection” , intelligent text selection, which allows the new operating system to distinguish the type of text being copied. For example, if it is an address or a phone number, and you touch it with your finger, the system starts a phone call or opens Google Maps to give directions. This adds intelligent Autofill, which allows you to automatically compile tabs on the web, with data also remembered by apps and different sites, including passwords.