ways the Apple TV is better than the Chromecast

Google Chromecast: low cost wireless broadcasting device

Google Chromecast, a diffusion device that connects to the TV to listen to music and view photos, films on Netflix, YouTube videos and other online content from a smartphone, tablet or computer mobile.

The advantage Chromecast: its price is only $ 45 and is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Easy to use, simple to install and control directly from the device is used to spread the videos. What compete with Apple TV that sells twice as expensive!
ways the Apple TV is better than the Chromecast

Features of the diffusion device Chromecast

Chromecast makes watching videos, movies, photos and any browser Chrome Web content on the TV screen. Simply connect the device to the HDMI port of the TV and voila! We need only add to the wireless network from home during the first use to disseminate what is on the screen of mobile devices on the big screen of the show.

At present, it allows applications to take advantage of Netflix, YouTube as well as Google Play movies and music.

Note that if you use Chromecast with a computer, only the Chrome browser content will be displayed to the TV; Files stored locally on the computer will therefore not be disseminated. No remote control is required to use it since it controls what is displayed using the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or Windows or Mac computer. Just press on an icon to start content delivery.

All devices connected to the Wi-Fi home network can use Chromecast and show their content on the TV, even the guests since the use of the device requires no installation. An Internet connection is required to use the Chromecast, especially because it consistently makes updates and checks on the applications in use.

An inexpensive solution that advertises several types of multimedia content.

NAME: Chromecast
PRICE: Approximately $ 45
More info and buy online the diffusion device Chromecast
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