Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards

How to Enable Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S3

Google Now is a wizard that makes the smart phone is a bit smarter. Its value lies in the way it connects the functions and applications you have installed on your phone to suggest, through cards that arise between notifications, information that may be of interest to the user. Moreover, this function operates indiscriminately through written queries, using voice commands or directly providing information with reference citations in the calendars. It is, as it were, a virtual secretary who helps you from the mobile.

Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards

This feature is available from Android version 4.1. That is why users of Samsung Galaxy S3 who have updated the system to this edition, can enjoy a service. On the other hand, it involves a number of considerations, which will be displayed after it has become clear how to turn Google Now. In essence, Google Now thrives on two things: the user’s search history and geographical position. That is why, for starters, you have to have both options enabled. Go to System Settings menu and look for the section on location services. You should keep GPS and Location and Google search options turned on. If you also do with the box of Use networks, the systems will be even more precise.

Once done, go to the home screen. It is more than likely that after the upgrade to Android 4.1, the Samsung Galaxy S3 have installed a floating window (widget) that displays a Google search bar, which shows the small icon on the microphone to use voice commands. Whether open the application using this search via keyboard or voice, you will have access to Google Now internal settings. With the application of open searches, click on the left capacitive button, which usually employ to check the options available to any application and select Settings.

After that, click on Google Now. Simply press on the touch spring on top right for Google Now. Since then, go one by one setting each of the parameters you want to identify this feature as part of the customization available. Since then, Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards.

For example, if you look for a restaurant on Google and you have one in particular, Google Now could interpret that come to him. Thus, as collate the information provided by the company, it will integrate location data automatically establishment and give a card with the route to get there either by car, foot or public transport, and the estimated to plot the distance under a series of conditions and the time to do so. Similarly, if you write down appointments on the calendar, and as long as this is in sync with Google Calendar, this unique virtual secretary will provide useful information in the face of what you had scored.

This service, which is so attractive, as you can see, has a number of drawbacks. For starters, the ongoing process of continuous data and networks recurrence location and make online traffic of Google Now Samsung Galaxy S3 battery rush abruptly after service activation. Logically, the more complete the customization of this function will suffer more effective autonomy. It is something to consider if you have felt the user predicts an intense day of work with your terminal.

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On the other hand, there is the issue of privacy. Once activated Google Now, the company will be storing every move you made with the phone. And you mean not only the location data to GPS: they are also linked to the online search history and calendar data. The discussion of privacy services that use the Internet and the cloud are another matter, and did not discover the Mediterranean by tabling this issue when talking about Google Now. However, it is important to consider this matter, and that if you disable Google Now, the recorded history up to that point will not be removed.