Google Play wants to exceed income iOS App Store in 2018

Google Play wants to exceed income iOS App Store

Although Google Play has far surpassed the iOS App Store in terms of active users, as read in Android Authority , there is still a facet which is above iOS Android, as regards income both platforms are for their respective app stores .

But we all know Google, and we know that is not content with second place, so some experts have commented analysts, among the next targets of Google is having a greater number of admissions for iOS applications during 2018 , something it might be more feasible if we analyze the behavior of users of both platforms for a while until now.

Google Play wants to exceed income iOS App Store in 2018
It has always been said, and so is demonstrated-that iOS users have a greater predilection for their payment applications like Android. Predilection has been weakened over time, and above all in the last year, iOS users have come to prefer free apps over the payment , do not know whether the increased quality of the first or by the current economic situation.

As a result of this, the winning model is freemium -how can see in the chart below-, offering free shopping but integrated applications that often are necessary to acquire a complete and satisfactory use of the service or application ‘You can read an interesting article by our colleague Jose on this topic here -.

The explanation of why Google store overtake that of iOS in revenue is due to the migration to Android made by many iOS users in some of the most important markets in the world both in Europe, USA, China and Japan . Encouraged by the possibility to choose from a lot of different models and prices, increasingly many more affordable prices are more competitive-Android phones, Android grows more and it seems that it will continue in the coming years.

Another reason why Google Play continues to improve, is in the investment by Google in application development. Every time we see less exclusive iOS applications, which today both operating systems have almost the same applications , so we can do almost the same with an iPhone that besides a myth LG denial that iOS is safer Android -.

We will see how the situation evolves from two of the most important applications stores today, and if the plans are met Google in 2018 or if instead have to wait for the big G exceeds the almighty Apple in their particular war markets .