How to block those who steal your WiFi

How to block those users who steal your WiFi

How to block those who steal your WiFi

Are you looking for how to block WiFi to those who steal it? Although smartphones allow us to access the Internet without having to be connected to a home Wi-Fi network, the reality is that doing it through WiFi is usually much more convenient. Especially since companies usually offer a certain amount of data in their rates.

The problem is that the more devices are connected, the slower the connection that each of them can perceive. And if our neighbor gets access to our Wi-Fi network and start using it, we are likely to notice a reduction in speed.

In principle, the way to avoid this would be to put a password that protects our WiFi network. But it is also possible that we steal it in this way, since there are applications designed to break the password of other networks.

Luckily, we can block users who are connecting to our network without our permission, to prevent them from taking advantage of our Internet access.

Block the WiFi to the thieves of your Internet connection

The first step we must take to block those who steal our WiFi , is to find out which devices are connecting to our network without our permission. And for this is the Fing application , which you can undo in the following link:

Download Fing – Network Scanner
Price: Free

Identify the “invaders” of your wireless network

With this app you can access a list with the MAC addresses of all devices that have been connected to your network, and thus distinguish which are yours and which are intruders.

What is the MAC address or physical address?

The MAC address is the universal identifier assigned by the manufacturer, to a network card (either wireless or a normal network card). The meaning of “MAC” is Media Access Control, and each MAC address is unique to a particular device.

The MAC address in the case of mobile phones, we will find it in the Settings menu and the Wi-Fi section. On Windows computers, we can know the MAC of our network card with the DOS command:

ipconfig / all

Also with:


block wifi network fing scanner

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Block WiFi to your network intruders

To block intruders you must enter in the address bar of your browser, the IP address of your router, as well as your username and password.

In the administration panel (which will change depending on your router) you should look for MAC filters . There you can add the MAC addresses of the devices that are not yours and connect to your network. From that moment, the connection to your WiFi network will be impossible for all the devices that you add as blocked.

Have you had to block the WiFi to a neighbor so it does not connect to your network? We invite you to tell us your experiences in the comments section.