How to fix the bug button iPhone with a simple trick

How to fix the bug button iPhone 5 with a simple trick

While Apple was designing the first model of the iPhone, the former CEO Steve Jobs insisted that the device should have a button, something that brought head the team of designers and engineers who worked on the development of terminal. Finally they got it and the only button is a detail that has continued in the other models to the newly introduced iPhone 5, the start button has become a kind of hallmark of the brand. The fact rely solely on this key makes operation very simple terminal and other functions are performed by touching the touch screen. But is also a problem. The key is used to exit iPhone application and return to the Home screen to activate the multitasking bar if pressed twice, it is a widely used piece that continually press and for this reason it is quite common to start to malfunction and there are even cases where stops responding completely. In this situation, users can press the key and use the iPhone becomes a challenge.

How to fix the bug button iPhone with a simple trick

If you’re having problems with the start button the iPhone is a very simple solution that usually overlooked. Within the menu settings there is an option to use button functions without having to touch it, called AssistiveTouch and is within the option General Accessibility. AssistiveTouch is designed for people with mobility problems who can not properly press the physical buttons. When we activate the option appears “Create new gesture”, when you click on it you will see displayed a kind of white circle in one corner of the terminal screen. This circle is shown all the time on the screen while we have also activated and l or we can move the edge to the position you want by simply holding down and dragging.

Pressing the button you created virtual AssistiveTouch opens a floating window with several options that is Home, pressing the device will return to the home screen as if we pressed the physical button. With this simple trick you can continue using the iPhone but the start button is broken. Likewise also can trigger other buttons without touching the terminal if you click the icon that says devices, such as those designed to raise and lower the volume or the key ignition. It also allows the terminal silencing and shake.

Having an iPhone with the damaged home button is a serious problem when using it but AssistiveTouch can be solved quickly. The menu Accessibility has interesting features that facilitate operation by persons with impaired vision, hearing or motor but can also be very useful in those cases where a phone button breaks, especially if the home button. Thanks to our reader Rafael Rodriguez for an interesting trick.