How to locate an Android smartphone without any apps or programs

How to locate an Android smartphone without installing programs

Today’s guide is dedicated to everyone who owns an Android smartphone. In fact, in the next few lines we will explain how to locate an Android smartphone without installing programs.

In most cases, those who want to track down a phone use external software, all of which implies that to find a phone you must strictly install software before losing it.

How to locate an Android smartphone without any apps or programs

Below today we see one of the best solutions for Android devices that allow you to easily know the location of your smartphone without necessarily having to install any external program.

How to track the location of an Android smartphone

The service that allows you to find the correct location of your Android smartphone without having to have the phone at hand is called Android Device Manager. The requirements that you must have to take advantage of the features offered by this service are a Google Play account that you have used on your Android phone and that the position is activated on the device to be traced.

If you have your Google Play account available you will have to do this:
Open any browser and connect to the following address ;
When you click on the address above, you must first log in with your Google account ;
If you are already connected with the correct account then you can view the screen with a map;
In case the smartphone is reachable you can see the correct position on the map;

In addition to being able to trace the position of the device, you can also have it lock, play or even delete any data remotely.

Finally, being in front of a service that can be used safely via browser you can reach it from wherever you want PC, tablet smartphone because it is characterized precisely by an internet browser without having to install any program.