How to make the broken screen prank ... Infallible!

How to make the broken screen prank: Infallible!

How to make the broken screen prank ... Infallible!

One of the trends that for a while has become increasingly popular among users of social networks, with videos shared via the Internet that have even become viral, is the so-called joke of the broken screen.

And its success surely lies in the fact that all of us have once wanted to make a joke to a friend, a family member or our partner, and in this way to have a fun time watching the other person fall for the funny deception.

Well, the joke of the broken screen is being widely used mainly because it is a joke so well planned that everyone who made it to us has fallen into the trap, and also because there are applications that allow us to carry out the joke without mistakes.

Precisely, here we tell you how to make the joke of the broken screen infallibly, which is possible to carry out in different types of devices and phones, includes both those with Android and iPhone, and at the same time in a computer with the Windows operating system.

What is the joke of the broken screen?

We just need to search on YouTube the phrase “broken screen joke” for the platform to throw us a huge amount of results, as more and more people make this joke, record it and then upload the video to the social networks to be seen by everyone. Well, the joke of the broken screen is to take the phone or computer of the person who will be our victim while it is not nearby, to be able to install any of the available applications that will allow us to carry out the joke.

Once the corresponding application is installed, we will only have to execute said program, which will show the screen of the mobile or the computer with the same appearance it would have if it had really broken. When the victim realizes that his mobile phone or his computer presents the broken screen, he will surely enter a state of panic and despair, and we will leave it for a few moments so that he believes that the screen has really been broken.

After that we can tell the truth, which will fill our victim with relief, although we have to be clear that he will probably start planning a revenge, so from then on we should be prepared.

Broken screen prank for Android

To be able to perform the joke of the broken screen on an Android mobile, there are several alternatives, since in the Google Play we can find a huge number of applications that will allow us to emulate the effect of breaking on the cell phone screen.

One of the best options is the Broken Screen application, which without damaging the cell phone in the least, will allow us to simulate that the glass of the screen itself has been broken in an incredible way. Its operation is really simple, since it is a very basic app. We should only download the application from the Google Play Store, install it on the victim’s Android phone and finally run it.

When the person to whom we are making the joke turn on your mobile and touch the screen with your fingers, it will begin to show breaks and breaks where you place your fingers. In addition, each time this happens a noise similar to that made by the glass when they split will be reproduced. In this way, and taking into account that the broken screen effect made by the application is very realistic, it will seem that each time a finger is placed on the screen the glass of the screen breaks.

Among some of the main features included in this totally free application we can mention that it includes wallpaper with realistic broken glass, accompaniment of sounds according to the situation and break the crystal sound. One of the most interesting features of this application is that it can remain in the background without the victim of the joke noticing and we can activate it from the notification area of ??the phone.

We can also use the application of the broken screen prank in both phones and tablets with Android operating system. If you are interested in using this application, you can download it for free from this link.

Broken screen prank for iPhone

With an excellent rating by users who have tried this application, Crack Break It is surely one of the best alternatives if we are thinking of simulating that our friend’s iPhone has broken the screen.

With this application, once it is installed and running on the iPhone of our victim, each time you press the screen of your phone, regardless of what sector you do it, a new break will be shown, in addition to being accompanied by a noise that simulates the crackle of glass when it breaks.

The application includes 4 different categories, on the one hand the screen break by blocks, and at the same time we can also configure it so that a certain image appears on the screen, so use it to place a photo of someone who our victim does not support. The best that will be impossible to change it.

But in addition, the application includes two game modes, one of which consists of the appearance of light bulbs, which must be pressed to burst, and the other similar but with fluorescent lamps.

It should be noted that the success of the application is that it has really realistic graphics and effects, and that it is a tool compatible with multitouch, so that breaks can appear simultaneously in several sectors of the screen.

If you are interested in using this application, you can download it for free in the iTunes store, from this link .

Broken screen prank for Windows

There are a lot of jokes that we can do with our friends’ computers, so they can panic and despair. The most well-known and widespread jokes are those such as the existence of a virus that infected the PC, the random and automatic shutdown of the computer, the change of orientation of the screen, and of course the joke of the broken screen.

The latter is one of the most popular jokes for Windows, because it is also one of the simplest. As in the aforementioned cases, we must wait for our victim to move away so we can perform the operation that will allow us to make the joke of the screen broken.

In the case of Windows there is no application to carry out this joke, so we must download some broken screen image from the internet, like the one shown below. After that, we save it in our victim’s computer somewhere where in principle it can not find the image, and when it moves away from the PC, what we will do is change the immediate background of the screen.

In order to achieve this process in a really fast way, what we should do is look for the image, click with the right mouse button on it, and then click on the “Set as desktop background” option. When our victim returns, you will find the worst scenario: the screen of your broken computer! After a few moments we can reassure him that everything was a joke.