Tips to save the battery of your Android smartphone

How to save battery life of an Android smartphone

Today we present some tips on how to save the battery life of Android smartphone, there are lots of little tricks, your phone’s settings to the app, which, if performed consistently, can significantly extend the battery life of your smartphone.

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Among the many small steps by which you can save the battery of your Android smartphone are the deactivation of some functions which, when not actually being used, should be turned off as they continue to consume energy in the background.

Tips to save the battery of your Android smartphone

To save energy, you can then turn off the GPS whenever you are not using any app connected, as would be good to turn off the Bluetooth and not keep it up indefinitely, as to keep it on is a waste of energy not just. Similarly, if you are not surfing the internet would be good to turn off the Wi Fi.

With regard to the phone settings, you can not miss the advice on the brightness of the screen: Reduce the brightness means saving energy and constantly, if your smartphone is set to a very strong brightness, it will not cost virtually nothing, the screen will remain highly visible. To increase the battery life it is also useful in reducing the amount of time indicated before the smartphone goes into standby (for those who do not use it extensively, greatly reduce this amount of time may be an optimal solution).

Needless to say that even animated backgrounds for the smartphone may be replaced with normal backgrounds for a lower consumption of battery, and that it is important to also remove the app in excess and unused now, if species are among those that Android charge in a continuous loop to startup. For those who feel they can do without, moreover, it is advisable to turn off the vibration, as it also helps to increase the battery power of your smartphone.

These technique also help to save laptop battery life.