How to SMS to and from any smartphone for free

There is a cross platform application available that allows you to send messages for free from any phone to any phone, just using the Internet data connection of your phone. It very convenient and practical, in their words, “Awesome. Cross-platform. Now with group chat”.

How to send free messages to and from any smartphone

Basically it works like a chat room, such as Messenger or Skype, but you will found it more convenient and practical in its use. The application is called WhatsApp and one of its most interesting features is that it is necessary to open the application to receive messages through this channel: When your contact sends you a message through WhatsApp, you will receive a notification the same as you get when you have sent a text message, with the difference that displays the application icon in the notification WhatsApp.

Let’s see how it works in practice (in the version for Nokia):

After installing the application, you will see a menu with the following items:

Chat: available to you chat with your friends already started, with messages sent and received, which of course you can delete them whenever you want.

Favorites: it is a very interesting feature, which lists all the contacts in your address book who have already installed WhatsApp and with which you can then use this tool. There is also an option “update favorites” that allows you to update this list with the contacts who have recently installed the application.

Contact: see the list of all your contacts, through this list you can use the “Invite by SMS” to invite your friend to install the application. We find in this list also allows voice to call your friend with a normal call via mobile phone, as you would from your phone’s phonebook (obviously this is usually called, by voice, with the expected costs from your phone plan).

Status: this menu you can set, with a wide choice, your state, which is displayed from your contacts using WhatsApp.

Among the options available you can even set network settings, so if you need to disable roaming calls and set the priority of the wifi network and connect via mobile phone.

Another important feature is that you can send not only messages but also video, pictures and voice notes.

In the option “About” is available on the “use network” that allows you to view all data using the application, including the amount of data received and the type of network used.

The application is available for download for all platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia) to this link.

In the title we have spoken messages for free because the cost is almost irrelevant for iPhone is $ 0.99, Android, Blackberry and Nokia’s service is available as a free trial for one year, after which the cost is only $ 1.99 a year, which can be said ‘free’.

You can use it in iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia.