Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

How to unlock a cell phone online by IMEI?

When cell phones are purchased directly from a telephone service provider, they are usually delivered blocked to operate exclusively with their lines and cannot be used by competing operators, which is unpleasant if you want to change companies. Luckily, there is a very easy way to unlock a device, and just use the IMEI code to do it.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society, they are used in almost all human activities, they are very popular and the variety of companies that provide connectivity services is quite wide.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

Most operating companies sell cellular devices to be used exclusively with their lines, blocked for use with competing companies. Luckily, there are always ways to release them so they can work with any operator , regardless of the service provider company.

There are specialized platforms that help to unlock cell phones just by using the IMEI code, one of them is the LiberarCelular portal, with which you can unlock any device totally free and online. This effective web tool releases cell phones with the IMEI code, from different telephone companies and without even leaving the house, all online.

Unlocking a cell phone is a really easy process that allows it to be used with any operator anywhere in the world and is available to most operators in Latin America, in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, and Spain.

How to unlock a cell phone

To unblock a cell phone you just have to go to LIBERATECellular, choose the country and the operating company and click on FREE CELL PHONE. When entering the page of the selected company, the brand of the equipment is chosen and the IMEI code is entered, after this you have to press the FREE CELL PHONE button again and wait for the system to issue the unlocking code known as simlock.

The code is generated in a few seconds, it is unique and is associated with the country, operator, brand and IMEI of the equipment and nothing else is valid for the moment it is generated .

This simlock code has six figures, of which the first two will be displayed on the page where it is generated, the full numbers are automatically uploaded to a download server which can be accessed by creating a free account on it. With the full simlock code you can unlock the device only by following a few steps given on that page.

Before to release a cell phone you had to pay, but with the reforms and regulations that currently govern the operation of telephone operators, it is now free . The problem is that they are not interested in their clients knowing that the procedure is free and easy to carry out so that they keep the equipment tied to them, so it is difficult to do it from their official pages.

International support

Thanks to LiberarCelular, you can unlock any cell phone quickly, safely and very easily.

This platform provides technical support to 21 countries, 31 operating companies and 11 brands of cellular equipment. If the service provider company is not available, the person interested in freeing a cell phone can contact the web platform, through the section they have available, so that it can send the request.

This portal is allied with the sister websites liberationcellularonline and liberationmovilcellular.

To date, the site has registered 168,372, an average of 3,200 daily cell phones. It is a very effective service that has helped thousands of people to have a device released to use it in any service operator they want, without the limitations that had when it was blocked to use only with a single company.

It is an excellent solution to obtain more freedom with the use of the cell phone. As soon as it is released, there will no longer be any problem of inserting any desired telephony chip and using it as usual.