SkyGo abroad with your smartphone or Android tablet instead, you can download the application for your device Hola from Google Play store

How to watch Sky Go from PC and smartphones

If you own an Sky Go account and you are used to watch the channels available on the service from your computer, PC, Mac or smartphone, you’ll be curious to see how you can watch your favorite programs on Sky network , the Internet, through the service made available on the web.

For the uninitiated fact, Sky Go allows anyone with a Sky subscription to access the Internet from their personal account, and then use the web to all content and channels that are expected to view from Sky contract.

As Sky Go see from computers and smartphones

Sky to facilitate the use of the service, has provided its customers a range of applications downloaded from the network and store the different mobile systems, Android, Apple’s iOS , to allow anyone with a tablet or smartphone to view mobility in their program Sky preferred the service.

SkyGo adds the On Demand on iPad watch Sky Go on your smartphone iPhone and tablet iPad

The ability to download applications to your device then it really becomes a weapon in most of the service offered by Sky, allowing Sky Go to be used in Maiera massive especially in mobility, several hundred thousand people.

How to watch Sky Go abroad?

One of the handicaps of this service, however, is the vision of Sky Go abroad . In fact, if you decide to take a trip outside the Italian borders, there will be impossible to make use of applications or simple view from the browser of your favorite channels from the web services made ??available by the company. The reason is simple Sky does not allow viewing of their Web channels from abroad for reasons of television rights .

To solve this problem, however, we encounter a very simple solution, that can be applied on mean any operating system from both desktop and mobile, thanks to a “simulation” of our virtual location.

Hola and Sky Go abroad

The solution is called Hola , and is the easiest way to see Sky Go from anywhere. It is a free VPN ( virtual private network ) that does is simulate a different position from that in which we find ourselves.

Its use is really simple. If for some existing browsers, there are already versions of plugins that allow the use of the function VPN , on smartphones and tablets will have even the chance to download the application Hola, then open a browser to the owner that we can use to view the channels on Sky Go service .

To better understand the operation of each plugin or application then, see you in order all the possibilities we have, depending on the browser you use or the operating system that we are using.

Hola for Chrome

Chrome is absolutely the browser which is currently being used more. Although it is a browser, thanks to the plugin Hola at our disposal, Chrome will let us take a different virtual location, thus allowing a different VPN allowing us to choose which.

Since our aim is to see Sky Go abroad , there will have to click on Chrome the appropriate icon in the upper right corner, and select the VPN Italian (as you see in the picture) and then proceed to connect to the site Sky Go to enjoy the vision of our Sky contents. You can download the plugin below.

Hola from Firefox

Even if the browser is that you usually use Firefox , you can proceed to download and install the plugin Hola . The procedure is the same as we used to Chrome , and even then you’ll have to select the icon in the top right to select the VPN to enjoy Sky Go abroad .
Download Hola for Firefox

Hola for Internet Explorer or other browsers

If you are used and use more green Internet Explorer browser or less known as Opera and others on the Windows operating system, to display Sky Go abroad you have to think about to download one of the browsers mentioned above.

You will not have to do is download the .EXE program (depending on the version of the system 64 or 32 bit), and then install and launch it. The program is quite simple as you can see in the picture next to it, and will perform an automatic search of the browser on your PC to install the plugin installed

Download Hola for Windows 32-bit – Download Hola for Windows 64-bit

Hola for Apple iOS

If you are mobility abroad and want to watch Sky Go on your smartphone iPhone and tablet iPad, you can use this application Hola on the Apple store.

Its operation is elementary. Once you start the app you can choose to select the VPN you prefer to view Sky Go abroad .

As you can see in Figure Hola on iPhone or iPad it is a real browser, which through a simple selection next to the address bar, you can simulate the position of connection with a “TAP” on the flag of nations.

To enjoy your Sky Go abroad then you can download the app for iOS systems below.
SkyGo abroad with your smartphone or Android tablet instead, you can download the application for your device Hola from Google Play store

Hola for Android

To see the programs SkyGo abroad with your smartphone or Android tablet instead, you can download the application for your device Hola from Google Play store.

Also in this case it is a real browser, minimal and very simple to use (as you can see in the figure beside). Its functionality is the same version of the iPhone or iPad, as well as the graphics very similar.

An easy way to get around it and watch Sky Go abroad on your Android device, tablet or smartphone that is. Below here is the application of this PlayStore.

As you may have understood then, you can easily surpass the problem of display abroad of Sky Go installing a simple app on your smartphone, or a plugin for your browser. Multiple solutions which foresee the use and simple modification of your VPN through a simple and unique universal application.