how to choose the font of your smartphone

iFont to choose the font of your smartphone

Tired of the usual font of Android? Bills with iFont.

For all those users who are looking for an application that can change the character of your smartphone or tablet according to your preferences, iFont could be the app just for you.

Android users are certainly accustomed to Roboto, but for those who want to try an app that enables you to do some test and experiment with the layout of your screens, then iFont can be really very useful.

It is an application that performs its task very well on Galaxy devices, while the other models have to be downloaded root permissions.

One of the main characteristics of iFont app for Android is, without a doubt, to carry out its task quickly and easily, by providing users a wide choice of fonts to select the one you prefer, then adapting the display characters.

how to choose the font of your smartphone

Another particularly interesting element of iFont is that makes available to users the ability to provide for the installation on your mobile device, including your own custom fonts and custom, which have already been unpacked and are not found in a file format zip.

Just the wide variety of fonts that are provided is the greatest merit of an application that is characterized by proposing a very simple and straightforward interface. In fact, users have the ability to carry out the research and find very easily the different characters, not to mention the presence of a strong style menu in Google, which shows all the elements on the main display.